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Exporting Your Mission
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How to export your missions

Exporting Your Mission

Once you have created and tested your mission, you are now ready to export the mission so that it will be available in the Operation Flashpoint © : Dragon Rising ™  game. Select the File | Export menu option, the Export Mission dialogue box will appear.

The Game Installation Folder should point to the games installation path, in the above example the installation folder is in the following location C:Program FilesCodemastersOF Dragon Rising. Confirm the Missions Group name and click on Export. This will export the mission and its relevant files to a folder detailed in the Export Locations Preview pane.

When you run the game and select through the various missions you will be able to change the mission group and then select your individual missions.



Distributing Your Missions

You may want to distribute your missions to other Operation Flashpoint © : Dragon Rising ™  players. To distribute the correct files you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have completed the required information in the Mission Properties tab in the properties window.
  2. Export your mission(s) using the Export file menu option.
  3. Ensure that you have entered the correct Missions Group name (for example MyMissions).
  4. Locate the folder that will be created in the "Operation Flashpoint - Dragon Risingdata_winmissions" folder.
  5. Send the files that are contained in the MyMissions (the name of your Missions Group) to the user(s) that you want to play your mission.

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