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Waypoint Creation
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How to create waypoints in flashpoint 2


Creating a Waypoint

For this task we are going to create a path for an AI group of soldiers. This group of soldiers will walk towards a player character. We have chosen the west side beach on the island of Skirinka as we can easily see an approaching group of soldiers.

  1. Create a new mission file.
  2. Select the USMC tab and expand the Soldiers folder.
  3. Select the USMC Rifleman and then click once on one end of a the beach.
  4. Select the USMC Rifleman entity on the Map, change the Control Mode to Player.
  5. Expand the Fireteams folder and click on USMC Assault Team. Click once on the opposite end of the beach where you placed the single USMC Rifleman.

We now need to create a path for the Assault Team to follow to walk towards our player character.

  1. Click on the Systems tab in the Create properties window.
  2. Expand the Mission folder.
  3. Select the Waypoint option and then click somewhere on the map, in front of and close to the Assault Team (you may have to zoom in closer to ensure you are close enough).
  4. Click again on the map, this time further along the beach.
  5. Continue placing waypoints along the beach until the last waypoint is in front of the player character.

Every time you add a new waypoint it will connect it to the previous waypoint marker. Each connecting line will include an arrow to indicate the waypoint path direction.

Now that we have a path, we need to assign our group to it.

  1. Zoom in close to the Assault team while still being able to see the first node of the waypoint.
  2. Click on the Echelon icon for the Assault team to select it.
  3. In the properties for the Echelon scroll down until you see the Assigned Waypoint group.
  4. Click on the Pick button opposite the Waypoint text and then click on the first node of the waypoint.
  5. The group will now be connected to the first waypoint by a line.



Waypoint Properties


Join Selected: If the waypoint is not currently part of a path you can join it to another waypoint.

Break Selected: You can remove a waypoint marker from a waypoint path.

Path Name: The name for the whole path. The path is generated by taking the name of the first waypoint of the path and then adding the suffix "p" on the end. So if the first waypoint is called "waypoint" the waypoint path name will be called "waypointp".

Next Waypoint: The next waypoint marker in the path. If this is the last waypoint then the setting will be set to .

Number: The ID number of the waypoint marker, begins at 0.

Rapid Move: Tells the entity to move as fast as possible to the next waypoint. When rapid move is selected the waypoint line changes to a line of arrows as shown in the Figure below.

Stance: Tells the entity to assume the selected stance (if it is applicable to that unit type). The stances available are : Standing, Crouched and Prone. This change in stance is permanent for the specified waypoint path if set via the Mission Editor. If you wish to change within the game, leave this setting as Controlled by AI and use Lua script to control the players stance.

Doctrine: Tells the entity to follow the selected doctrine. This can be set to AI control, but also : At Ease, Normal, Aware or Combat.

Formation: Tells the entity to assume the selected formation. This can be set to AI control and also : Line, Column, Diamond, Echelon Left, Echelon Right, Wedge or Vee.

Delay: Sets a delay (in milliseconds) before the entity moves to the next waypoint.

User Lua Script: Allows you to write simple lines of Lua code which are executed when the entity reaches the waypoint marker. The core script used in this way is OFP:addLog().

Blocker Logic: Sets a condition to only allow the waypoint to execute options on a specific signal. These are set by adding new signals which work with either an AND or an OR condition.

Add New Signal: Adds a new Signal to a list which is used with the Blocker Logic option. Other waypoints can be added as signals, which can then be synchronised together to form conditions that have to be met before an entity continues along the path.


Pick: Pick button allows you to specify a particular item rather than use the drop down box.

Clear: Delete an option.

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