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New BF2 Mod
BF2 General


In-Game FX Placer
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This will teach you how to get the in-game FX placer working.

 NOTE: There are still a few issues with it, but it works.

I. Required Files

Download the required files for this tutorial by clicking on the link below:


Simply place the files in the correct directories (i.e. devgui.cfg would go into raw).

If it asks to overwrite, click YES.

II. Zone Source

Open your zone_source file with Notepad. Now put the following lines into it:


Save and close.

III. Mod Builder

First, compile your level if you haven't done so already.

Open up Launcher and go to the Mod Builder. Put the following into the Fastfile mod.csv text box:


Build the mod with the "Build mod.ff Fastfile" and "Build IWD File" checked.

Run CoD:WaW and launch your mod.

IV. Running FX Placer

After you have launched your mod, run your map by typing this in the console:


Once your map is loaded, open the console and type these commands IN ORDER:

/developer 1
/developer_script 1
/logfile 1
/exec createfx

Next, hit the Escape key and restart the map.This will correctly load the FX placer.

Press and hold F1 to view the help menu for commands. To test if it is generating code correctly, press F5 and check your console.log, located in mods/YOURMAP/

V. Credits







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