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Making a Weapons mod in Call of Duty World at War
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how to make a weapons mod by Ironmonkaa 

(i just copy and paste )

Making a Weapons mod in Call of Duty World at War

                        made by Ironmonkaa


1. The first thing your going to need is a folder for your mod.
Follow my first tutorial on how to do this here -Download Setting up mods in C.O.D. W.A.W.

2. Now that we have a folder for our mod created we need an IWD file, which is just a file used
to compress the games data and can be opened by Winrar.
If you need to Winrar, it can be downloaded here - Download Winrar.

You can grab any IWD file from the root folder of world at war, so lets go to this directory

C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty - World at War

Now in here go inside the folder called main. For this tutorial we will mod the the gun called
the kar98k which is the cheapest gun you can buy in zombie mode.

So now that we are inside the main folder, lets open up the file named iw_14.IWD.
Once again this file can be opened with Winrar, so when promted for what program to use, select Winrar.

This file holds all of the weapon files for world at war. So what we want to do now is navigate
our way through the file, so lets go into weapons, then sp.

NOTE: The sp folder is used for singleplayer gameplay as well as any coop gameplay, and the
mp folder is used only for the multiplayer portion of the game.

Scroll down and copy the file called kar98k by highlighting and pressing Ctrl+C. Now this file must
be pasted some where on your computer, anywhere will do. Once the file is pasted outside of the IWD file
it is ready to be edited.

Open up this file with notepad or any text editing program. Once the file is opened you will immediately see
that the weapon file is fairly simple to edit. From here you can edit things such as it's display name, clip size,
damage, and most everything that relates to the weapon.

3. So now lets edit the kar98k. Open it up and find where it
says clipsize(Use Find in notepad Crtl+F, very useful). Beside each
Now edit the clip size to be whatever you want it to be, I'll put mine at 150.
Save the file and its all done.

4. Now this is where that IWD file will come in to play,
Since we have no IWD file yet lets go grab one from the main folder inside world at war's root folder.
Just copy iw_14.IWD to your mods folder. Now open it up and delete
the accuracy folder, the images folder, and the sound folder.

Now go into the weapon folder and delete the mp folder.
All we should have now is the sp folder

5. Simply drag your modified kar98k file inside the sp folder, and the file will be loaded.
After it you replaced the kar98k file, you can delete all of the other weapon files.

6. The final thing that must be done is to rename the IWD file.
Your IWD file must have a prefix of z_
This just means that the IWD file must start with z_, after you insert the prefix you can name it what you like.

Example, z_funmod

NOTE: You must use the same directory that the game uses our your modified files will not load, example,
inside your IWD file, we have weaponssp.

Thanks for reading my tutorial and enjoy modding Call of Duty Wolrd at War!

Made by Ironmonkaa

Contact - ironmonkaa@hotmail.com

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