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Climbing Zombies
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In this tutorial I explain how to make zombies climb. This is something nice that is not in the treyarch map to add into your nazi zombie map.

So you want to add something new to your zombie map? Something that the Treyarch map didn't have? Why not have climbing zombies? In this tutorial I will explain several things about implanting climbing zombies into your zombie map.
- How to add the zombie climb prefab
- How to edit the zombie prefab to fit your map
- How to have several paths around the climbing zombies nad have the climbing zombies still go on their correct path

For this tutorial you must have downloaded the prefabs used in this tutorial
- ModsOnline Download Page -


 I assume that you know the fundamentals of creating a COD:WaW Nazi Zombie map. If you do not I recommend that you first look at making a nazi zombie map on the treyarch wiki.

So for this tutorial to work you must have the following already put into your map.
1. Nazi Zombie spawner
2. A vertical surface that you are planning the zombies to climb
3. A zombie barricade and ai traverse
4. Path nodes going from the zombie spawn to the ladder then from the top of the ladder to the zombie barricade


-How to add the zombies climb prefab-

Open up the .rar file with a program such as winrar. Then open up the tutorials folder and extract the ladder_up.map prefab into

C : Program Files -> Activision -> Call of Duty: World at War -> Map_Source -> _Prefabs -> Traverse

Open up radiant and then open up your map. After that find the place where you want your zombies to climb, it probably should be like a vertical surface such as a wall or a ladder.


Then right click on the grid and scroll down to

misc -> Preab -> Traverse

And go to your _prefabs folder and find the ladder_up.map that you extracted earlier. Open it.

Then take the ladder_up prefab and put it on the vertical surface and make sure the arrows are pointing at the vertical surface


Now test and see if your zombies will climb up your ladder. When compiling the map make sure you compile paths. When you have implanted your climbing prefab, your map should look something like this.

-How to edit the zombie prefab to fit your map-

Open up the climb_up. Its a .map so it can be opened up like any map.

Here you can edit the traverse to fit a wall or ladder you have in your map. Take the traverse brush and make it bigger or smaller.

Just make sure you raise or lower the node_negotiation_end, but make sure its about 20 units above edge of the traverse brush.

Image :

When saving the new climb_up prefab I suggest that you do not overwrite your original one and call it a new name such as climb_up_small.

It does not really matter what you call it.

Here is the comparison of the orginal climbinb prefab to the new smaller one. 


-How to have several paths around the climbing zombies and have the climbing zombies still go on their correct path-

Sometimes if you add another zombie barricade that you have another zombie spawner going to near the climbing zombies they get curious and decide not to go up the ladder and go to wherever the other zombie spawners path nodes are leading. Its rather simple to make sure the zombies only go to the barricade that you want them to go to.

What you do is you put monster brushes around the path nodes. In your tool textures you will find clip_ai with a picture showing MON (standing for monster). This tool brush basically doesn't allow AI to go through it. So here is an example of what you could do.


I hope this tutorial helped you to implant climbing zombies into your map. If you play the map I included in the .rar you will see the various ways of zombie climbing that I explained in the tutorial. If you have any question/comments or wish me to make a tutorial on cod mapping here is my email.

Email : starkk@starkkmapping.com

Website : www.starkkmapping.com


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