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making minimap for waw
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the cod4 tut for making minimap, getting it in to iwi and running it works the same this is how you get sreenshot

  in cod waw "how to get the screenshot" of your minimap through the editor.

  "note i assume that you have minimap corners in your map,if not in radiant select origin "key {classname} value {script_origin} key {targetname} value {minimap_corner}", they must be a perfect square box, when looking down on you map grid, 1 goes in top right corner of your map and 1 in the bottom left corner of your map set at ground height

start your launcher, then select Exe type MP, now select mod usermaps, first row select devmap mp_yourmap ,set enable cheats to 1 ,then set developer to 1 and finally set developer_script to 1 then select run game

 ok you end up at the start server screen ok now hit ~ consule type /devmap mp_your map, and it loads ,select player ,ok now your in game as player hit ~ consule and type /set scr_minimap_height 10000 and enter

now you should have a over veiw of your map hit f12 to take a screenshot ,you will find it at documents"vista"documents and settings "xp" just follow the cod 4 tut to make iwi,it is the sam. You can find that here

by COL.MAC and all the modsonline team 

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