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make a teleporter
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ok first Open your map in the editor.
then Navigate to the position you want to be teleported from.
then Create a large trigger (about the size of an actor).

With the trigger still selected, right click in the 2D view and select trigger_multipple.

Still with the trigger selected press n.
then In the key field type targetname.
and In the value field type the word enter, then press [enter]
Now in the key field type target.
In the value field type a name for the area you want to teleport to lets say for example garden press [enter] then [esc]


Now navigate to the area you want to be teleported to.
Right click in the 2D view and select script_origin.

Position the small red cube slightly above ground or floor and not intersecting with any other brush, rotate it so the arrow points in the direction you wish to face.
With the script_origin still selected press n.
In the key field type targetname.
In the value field type garden (the name you chose for the target when you made the trigger) then press [enter].


you should now see a red line connecting the trigger and the exit... if not select the trigger and the exit script/pink box and press (w) key

now you want to make a new .gsc file using your editor and call it teleport which needs to go in to raw/maps/mp
and copy and past this code.




  entTransporter = getentarray("enter","targetname");
    for(lp=0;lp < entTransporter.size; lp++)
      entTransporter[lp] thread Transporter();


    self waittill("trigger",other);
    entTarget = getent(self.target, "targetname");

    other setorigin(entTarget.origin);
    other setplayerangles(entTarget.angles);
    //iprintlnbold ("You have been teleported !!!");

then add this line to yourmapname.gsc:
mapsmp eleport::main();

also you must update your zone files wit this line



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