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Ropes, Wires, Etc.
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how to make basic cables and ropes.

This tutorial will tell you how to create ropes, cables, wires and such in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Move_rope
First, press your entity creator button on the left hand side of hammer. Two little drop boxes will highlight. under objects type in: move_rope.

Step 2: Properties
Second, put it in it's place and line it up. hit alt+enter and check out these critical properties.

Next Keyframe
Collide with World

next keyframe: identifies the name of the next move_rope that this one is connected to (where the rope starts, here, and where it ends, there.).
Slack: the amount of slack the rope has
Speed: how fast the rope moves
Collide with World: whether or not it stops when it runs into something.

Set up these properties and move to step 3.

Step 3: end point
Finally, add another move_rope. and name it whatever you want. go back to your first move_rope and set the next keyframe property to what you named it.

Finished!!! now move your camera back and put them both into your view and you'll see them connect.


feel free to pm me but it will take me awhile to get back to you.

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