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Pool of water for UT2K3.
Thanks to DarkOne for the work put into this tutorial.

1. First make your room.
i made mine 512h,512w, and 512b

2. subtract the room and texture it how you like.

3. now right click the cylinder builder and make it 256h,256 inner, and 256 outer with 8 sides.

4. set it o­n your floor choose your texture and subtract it.
now you have a hole in the floor.

5. ok now using your box builder make a box 256h,512w, and 512b.(Dont subtract it)

6. set it slightly below the floor.(i changed my gridsize to 2 and dropped it just o­ne click)

7. click o­n the volume button and choose volume water.
now you can move your builder box and see the water volume there.

8. ok next open the actor browser and choose info/fluidsurfaceinfo

9. right click in the center of the pool and choose add fluidsurfaceinfo here.
now you should see a black mesh looking thing o­n your screen.
this is the actual water surface.(the water volume o­nly give you the effect of being under water when you jump in it. all the water effects are given by the mesh you see now)

10. move the fluidsurfaceinfo exactly o­n top of your water volume.(yes slightly under the floor)

11. double click the mesh you see to open the surface inspector.

12. now lets drop down the catagory called fluidsurfaceinfo.
find the settings fluidxsize and fluidysize.
adjust the settings to fit your pool the best you can.(higher numbers means bigger, and lower numbers means smaller.)
you can also set the fluidfrequency,speed,height,ect... to your liking (i left those alone)
i did however change the orientshooteffect and orienttoucheffect both to true. this makes the water still till shot or touched

13. Ok now close that catagory and open the display catagory.

14. before we edit anything here lets open the texture browser.

15. choose open and choose default fluids.

16. choose o­ne of the bottom textures that has no picture and highlight it.(i forget the names :) )

17. ok now minimize the texture browser and lets get back to the display catagory.
about 3/4 of the way down those options you will see the option called skin.

18. open that subcatagory and choose new then choose the use box.
(that will add the texture you chose from the texture browser.)
you should now see the texture you chose o­n the mesh, if not do a build all and you should.

19. ok now lets open the sound browser.
choose open and choose outdoor ambient.
highlight whatever sound you want your pool to sound like.

20. now lets go back to the surface inspector and close the display catagory and open the sound catagory.

21. open the ambientsound catagory and choose use to add the sound to your pool.

22. ok no that our pool settings are done lets add a top to the pool, like a ledge

23. right click the cylinder builder and make it 16h,224 outer, and 192 inner. this time set hollow to true.
add it to the map and texture it how you like.

That pretty much does it.

add a player start and a light to your room and go check it out.

thats as much as i know as of now.
i'm as much of a noob as some out there so if theres anythign you wish to add, feel free to let me know.
i added 2 screenshots to show the pool still and after i shot it so you can see the effect.

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