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UT2K3 Mapping
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Custom terrain in your map.
Thanks to rEdrUmMDK for the work put into this tutorial.

1. Right Click o­n the Cube and make room H=4095, W=8192 and D=8192

2. Subtract the Cube

3. Open the Texture browser and select a texture and apply to the 4 Walls.

4. Next go to the Tab for Actor Classes and open Info. You will see Zoneinfo. Highlight it then Minimize the Browser.

5. RightClick in the center of the Top Grid and choose Add Zone Info Here.

6. RightClick o­n the ZoneInfo Icon placed in the Map, and choose ZoneInfo Properties.

7. Click the + sign next to ZoneInfo.

8. Click o­n bterrainzone and set to True.

9. Click o­n the + sign next to ZoneLight

10. Set AmbientBrightness to 128

11. Close the ZoneInfo Properties.

12. At this point do a Build All

13. Open the Texture browser and choose a texture for your terrain then minimize

14. Click o­n the Terrain Editor o­n the left toolbar.

15. Click o­n the New button at the very bottom left hand corner.

16. Type in MyLevel for Package, MyLevel for Group and Name can be anything you want.

17. You should see a Yellow Line in the 3d window and a TerrainInfo0 under the Terrains tab. Also you should see Heightmap info to the right of that.

18. Click o­n the Layers Tab.

19. Select the Top Undefined Layer.

20. Click o­n the New Button.

21. Package and Group are the same as before-MyLevel

22. The Name must be different than the first o­ne that you used to create the Heightmap or it won't work.

23. For the AlphaFill, click o­n the button to the rightmost side. It will bring up a color selector. Move the slider all the way up until it is white. R=255, B=255 and G=255. The Alpha Layer is still at 0.

24. Click Ok.

25. Under the Tools options highlight Select. Then click o­n the Misc Tab.

26. Put a Check Mark in Use Entire Heightmap. Then click o­n the Build button. Voila Terrain.

27. You can do a Build All here also.

28. Close the Terrain Editor.

29. This Placed a small Terrain Icon in the Map. Make sure it is selected then Right Click o­n it.

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