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Breakable brushes
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So, here's how to create breakable brushes. Thanks Marshall2006.
These can be things such as windows, wooden planks and roofing.

Here's an easy way to make a wall, window or a series of brushes to break whilst triggered will be shown below:-

1) Create the wall (before its been destroyed)...

2) Select the brushes used for the wall...

3) Right click on the brushes (whilst selected) and convert them to a scriptBrushModel (Script>Brushmodel)...

Next whilst having the brushmodel selected, Press n to bring down the console, then type in the following entities (Keys & Values)...


Key: script_exploder
Value: 30

(The value can be any number, just make when you do this to the next part of the tutorial, they are the same number, this is so they are connected in some way)...

Next you need to create the broken peices of the wall, so best way to do this is using the clipping tool...

Once you have made the broken part of the wall, select all the brushes and Convert it to a scriptBrushModel (Script>Brushmodel)...

Then type in the entities below (Keys & Values)...


Key: targetname

Value: exploder



Key: script_exploder

Value: 30

Then slide your new brushmodel over the old wall...


Once you have done all of that, you need to create a trigger...

For this I will use a damage trigger...

So create a brush covering the wall about 8 units over by every axis..

Next texture your trigger with a texture in ---> usage>tools>trigger

After you have done that right click the trigger and convert it to triggerdamage (Trigger>Damage)..

Then type in the entities below:-


Key: script_exploder

Value: 30

That should do the trick

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