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Weapon IDs & Names
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The following is a list of all Weapon IDS and Names.
By Rampage-WYD-

ammokit <Support Class Ammo Kit/Ammo Giving>

at_mine <Engineer Class AT Mine>

c4_detonator <Spec-Ops Class C4 Explosives Detonator>

c4_explosives <Spec-Ops Class C4 Explosives>

CHAT_ERYX <Chinese/MEC Anti-Tank Class Rocket Launcher>

chlmg_type95 <Chinese Support Class Default - Type 95>

chpis_qsz92 <Chinese Pistol>

chpis_9sz92_silencer <Chinese Silenced Pistol>

CHRIF_Type85 <Chinese Anti-Tank Class Default - Type 85>

chrif_type95 <Chinese Spec-Ops Class Default - Type 95>

chsht_norinco982 <Chinese Engineer Class Default - Norinco 982>

chsht_protecta <Anti-Tank Class Unlocked - DAO-12 Protecta>

chsni_type88 <Chinese Sniper Class Default - Type 88>

defibrillator <Medic Class Defibrillator/Shock Paddles

hgr_smoke <Assault Class Smoke Grenade>

medikit <Medic Class Medikit/Healing>

ParachuteLauncher <Parachute Launcher>

RULMG_PKM <Support Class Unlocked - PKM>

rulmg_rpk74 <MEC Support Class Default - RPK74>

rupis_baghira <MEC Pistol>

rupis_baghira_silencer <MEC Silenced Pistol>

RURGL_GP25 <Chinese Assault Class Grenade Launcher - GP25>

RURGL_GP30 <MEC Assault Class Grenade Launcher - GP30>

RURIF_AK101 <MEC Medic Class Default - AK101>

RURIF_AK47 <Chinese Medic Class Default - AK47>

RURIF_Bizon <MEC Anti-Tank Default - PP19 Bizon>

rurif_dragunov <MEC Sniper Class Default - SVD Dragunov>

RURIF_GP25 <Chinese Assault Class Default - AK47/GP25>

RURIF_GP30 <MEC Assault Class Default - AK101/GP30>

rurrif_ak74u <MEC Spec-Ops Class Default - AK74U>

RUSHT_Saiga12 <MEC Engineer Class Default - Saiga 12>

silencer <Silencer>

SIMRAD <Not Used>

supply_crate <Commander Supply Drop Crate>

USATP_predator <USMC Anti-Tank Class Rocket Launcher - ATP Predator>

ushgr_m67 <Hand Grenade>

USLMG_M249SAW <USMC Support Class Default - M249SAW>

usmin_claymore <Claymore>

USPIS_92FS <USMC Pistol>

uspis_92fs_silencer <USMC Silenced Pistol>

USRGL_M203 <USMC Assault Class Grenade Launcher - M203>

usrif_g36c <Spec-Ops Class unlocked - G36C>

USRIF_G3A3 <Assault Class Unlocked - G3A3>

usrif_m16a2 <USMC Medic Class Default - M16A2>

USRIF_M203 <USMC Assault Class Default - M16A2/M203>

usrif_m24 <USMC Sniper Class Default - M24>

USRIF_M4 <USMC Spec-Ops Class Default - M4>

USRIF_MP5_A3 <USMC Anti-Tank Class Default - MP5A3>

usrif_remington11-87 <USMC Engineer Class Default - Remington 11-87>

usrif_sa80 <Medic Kit Unlocked - L85A1>

USSHT_Jackhammer <Engineer Class Unlocked - MK3A1 Jackhammer>

USSNI_M82A1 <Not Used>

USSNI_M95_Barret <Sniper Class Unlocked - M95 Barret>

Wrench <Engineer Class Wrench/Repairing>

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