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Infantry Basics
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This tutorial covers basics the modding of Infantry.
By Rampage-WYD-
Before you begin, please refer to Tutorial - Making the .tweak File Modifiable, which teaches you how to make a .tweak file modifiable. You must be able to do this for all of my tutorials.

Infantry Folder Locations
We must first know the location of the Infantry folders.
1. Navigate to C:/BF2_Directory/mods/bf2/.
2. Open Objects_Server.zip.
3. Open the soldiers folder.

Infantry Names
Now, we must know the names of the Infantry. The Common folder I will explain in a different tutorial.


Infinite Sprint & Stamina
We will begin by making the Infantry have Infinite Sprint and Stamina.
1. Open the ch folder.
2. Open ch_heavy_soldier.tweak with Notepad.
3. CTRL + F and type "ObjectTemplate.SprintRecoverTime".
4. Change the number (20) after SprintRecoverTime to 1.
5. CTRL + F and type "ObjectTemplate.SprintDissipationTime".
6. Change the number (8) after SprintDissipationTime to 100.
7. CTRL + S or File>Save.
8. Close ch_heavy_soldier.tweak.

Now, just repeat steps with ch_light_soldier.tweak. Also, open the mec and Us folders and do the same (edit the two tweak files just like the ch tweak files).

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