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APC Main Cannon Basics
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This tutorial covers basics the modding of the APC Main Cannon
By Rampage-WYD-
Before you begin, please refer to Tutorial - Making the .tweak File Modifiable, which teaches you how to make a .tweak file modifiable. You must be able to do this for all of my tutorials.

APC Main Cannon Folder Location
We must first know the location of the folder in which the APC Main Cannon is located. It is actually within the code of the APC(s).

1. Navigate to C:/BF2_Directory/mods/bf2/.
2. Open Objects_Server.zip.
3. Open Vehicles/Land/.

APC Names
In order to modify the APC Main Cannon, we must know the APC names. The names of them are below:


Explosion Damage
We will first modify the Explosion Damage. This will actually have effect in the end result (damage).

1. Open the apc_btr90 folder.
2. Open apc_btr90.tweak with Notepad.
3. CTRL + F and type "ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionDamage 40".
4. Change the number (40) after explosionDamage to a number of your choice (do NOT exceed 3000).

Explosion Radius
Next, we will modify the Explosion Radius. This will also have quite a big impact on the final result (damage).

5. CTRL + F and type "ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionRadius 3"
6. Change the number (3) after explosionRadius to a number of your choice.

Explosion Force
We will now modify the Explosion Force. This will not have as much of an impact on the final result (damage), but it will have a little.

7. CTRL + F and type "ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionForce 2.5".
8. Change the number (2.5) after explosionForce to a number of your choice.

Finally, we will modify the Damage. This will have the greatest impact on the final result (damage).

9. CTRL + F and type "ObjectTemplate.damage 25".
10. Change the number (25) after damage to a number of your choice (do NOT exceed 3000).
11. CTRL + S or File>Save.
12. Close apc_btr90.tweak.

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