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SOF1 Mapping
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This is a brief overview of the mapping editor
Editor Overview

This is a brief overview of the editor. I am going to use the following notation through the text :

  • Menu commands = File>Save = Save from the file menu

  • Key, or key combination = Ctrl-A = Press Control and A

  • Important info will be in Light Green

  • Values to be entered will be in "italics" surrounded by quotes.

Once you're done setting Radiant's preferences, click OK. Now you are presented with the editor. Note how the main window is white with grid lines. These can be changed if you don't like them.

Go to Misc>Colors>Themes and choose a theme, or make your own by selecting an item from the menu and then pick a color for it. However, if you want to print your maps, you'll need to change it to o­ne of the other themes.

I'm not going to go through all the menu items to tell you what each function does; we'll find out as we build our maps. Some of these functions you may never use, so why waste time?

One important thing is setting up the texture render quality settings. This determines how well the 3D preview window displays your map. Go to the Textures menu and select Render Quality. This should be set no higher than Nearest Mipmap. With some video cards, anything higher will seriously bog down your machine and does not improve the 3D preview anyway.

The Riva TNT, ATI Rage Pro, or any of the 3DLabs cards can handle the trilinear setting without breaking a sweat. However, as your map size increases, even these brutes need Cubic Clipping turned o­n.

Notice that the editor is divided up into several panes:

  • On the far left is a narrow pane for Z (height) info. (See the tutorial o­n how this window works)

  • On the bottom you may have a pane showing script text. Drag this down by centering the mouse pointer o­n the divider bar (it will turn into a double-ended arrow). Click and drag. If you want, you can leave it open enough to show a line or two.

The script window can be opened to show vital information and can help you track down problems with your map, such as missing textures.

On the upper right is your 3D preview window. It shows how your map will look during construction. Depending o­n the strength of your graphics card, you may have to adjust some settings to get optimal performance with this window.

When your map starts growing, you should turn o­n the Cubic Clip button and adjust how far out (zoomed out) the 3D preview window sees. Ctrl-] will bring the the view in; Ctrl-[ will allow more of the map to be seen in the window. Get above your map with the camera (D key) so you can see the effect of these key commands.

If you see Radiant really slowing down, this usually means the Cubic Clip has been turned off or zoomed too far out.

The lower right pane is for displaying textures.

I've labeled the main parts of the editor in the picture above. I've also pointed out 3 important buttons:

Cubic Clip: As already mentioned, turning this o­n and using the Ctrl [bracket] keys determines how much map is viewable in the 3D Preview window.

Brush Clipper: Turning this o­n (X) allows you to clip o­ne or more selected brushes. Just remember that the shortcut letter X looks like a pair of scissors--snip-snip!

Rotate Selection: This is a "free" rotate (R). Pressing this button and selecting a brush will allow you to rotate o­n any axis (dependent o­n the view) and click/dragging the mouse up and down. Keep in mind that the smaller the grid settings, the smoother the rotation.

Last but not least: You can adjust and size your brushes in ANY window. Enough of the basics. Let's roll up our sleeves and start mapping!

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