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Making an elevator that can stop between mutliple floors.

Before continuing through this tutorial, be certain that what you are looking for is an elevator and not a simple platform. There is no point in over complicating your map with this confusing entity. With that in mind, let's get underway.

The entities that will be used to create your elevator are:


Try to familiarize yourself with these before continuing. This will help you to better understand what it is that we are going to accomplish.

1. You can begin by constructing an elevator. It can be as complex or as simple as you want provided you so not include any other entities such as doors, lights, or breakable items. To create specific lighting within the elevator, try making specific textures light up within the texture editor. This will provide you with some control over the lighting. I would also suggest placing a button texture so the player knows where to activate the elevator.

2. Place a trigger_elevator in the level somewhere near where the elevator has been constructed. This entity will be used to control the elevator and will not be seen by the player. Give the trigger_elevator a targetname of elevator and a target of train. The names are not important as long as you change the respective names within the other entities that we will be placing.

3. Now select all of the brushes that are to make up our elevator and turn it into a func_train. Give it a target name of train and a target of p1. p1 will be our first path_corner.

4. We must now create the actual path that the elevator will follow. Place a path_corner entity at each of the stops you wish the elevator to make. Center them at the lower, left corner of the func_train's bounding box (the elevator) as viewed from both the top and front editor views. Give the first o­ne a targetname of p1 and a pathtarget of stop1. Give the second o­ne a targetname of p2 and a pathtarget of stop2. Continue naming them until you have reached the end. The pathcorner is the unique name of the elevator stop that the path_corner represents.

5. We will next create the function buttons that will trigger the elevator to move. Each floor should have at least 2 buttons. o­ne to call the elevator the current floor and another to send the player to the next floor. You can get more complicated and place buttons that can send the elevator to any specified floor, but that can get messy as the player is not that easily controllable.

Place a func_button outside of the elevator near the wall where the player can call the elevator to the current floor. Using a trigger brush for the func_button will make it invisible to the player and allow you to use a non-moving brush behind it. I do this because I like to use brushes that contain all of the buttons (up, down, or floor numbers) together and do not wish them to move like a button.

Place a func_button inside of the elevator near the texture you designated to change floors. Again, use the trigger brush to make it invisible.

Place these buttons o­n each of the floors the player will be stopping at. It may be difficult to place the inside buttons without the elevator being o­n that floor, but using the outside button at a point of reference (as from the first floor) you should be able to get it close enough.

Give each func_button a target of elevator which is the name of our trigger_elevator. Give each func_button a pathtarget of the path_corner's targetname you wish for it to stop at. o­n floor 1, the outside button would have a target of p1 to call the elevator to the same floor and the inside button would have a target of p2 to send the elevator to the second floor. o­n floor 2, the outside button would have a target of p2 to call the elevator to the same floor and the inside button would have a target of p3 to send the elevator to the third floor. If there where 3 floors, o­n floor 3, the outside button would have a target of p3 to call the elevator to the same floor and the inside button would have a target of p1 to send the elevator to the first floor again.

This will provide you with a working elevator if you would like to test it out. I, however, like to take it step further and incorporate doors outside of the elevator.

6. Place a door or set of doors, depending o­n the style you wish to use, outside and in front of the elevators entrance/exit. I will be using a set of double doors that slide open in opposite directions. After setting all of the attributes of the doors to you liking, give the doors o­n floor o­ne a targetname of door1 (the corresponding door) and a wait of 1.5. This will cause the doors to close sooner so as not to stay open while the elevator is leaving that floor. Place a trigger_multiple inside the elevator against the doors to make them open when a player stops in front of them. Give this trigger a target of door1 (the corresponding door).

7. For the first floor, place a trigger_relay near the door and give it a targetname of stop1 and a target of door1. Do this for each floor while respectively changing the targetname and target to it's corresponding floor number.

The purpose of the func_relay here is to cause the doors to open when the elevator arrives at that floor. The path_target actually fires its pathtarget when the func_train passes it. I used a relay because I did not want to name the doors the same name as the elevator stop. I instead named the relay the same name as the stop and relayed the triggering to the respective doors.

I hope I didn't confuse you too mush with this difficult entity. But, o­nce you get the hang of it, you will find yourself able to do even more that I have pointed out through further experimentation.

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