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SOF1 Mapping
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WorldCraft Setup
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How to setup WorldCraft for creating and editing SOF maps.
WorldCraft Setup - Map Editor

thanks to J. Sera for bringing us this tutorial
download the zip file for this tutorial

  • Textures
    • If you are so inclined, you can use Quake, Quake2, Heretic2, etc textures (ie. your old textures) in your SoF maps. You need to convert them to *.m32 format and add them to the /sof /base/textures directory. (and reference them there in WC) You will find the files to convert them in our downloads section here. 
    • However, if you want to use SOF textures, you must reference the sof texture directory and place *.wal files in those directories for worldcraft display anything but no texture.
  • Water / Ladder Textures- I have not been able to get water or ladders to work. I highlight them, copy them, create a new map, paste special, and open that map in QRadient and texture them there, and then re-import them (If someone knows a better way, let me know.)
  • The sof.fgd is Incomplete and (shudder) may be wrong in places, but it works, I have made several maps in WC and played them in SOF. Both converting old maps and creating new o­nes. I made this for making deathmatch maps. I added many of the misc items, but not all, and I o­nly added o­ne monster.
  • Lastly, I am in no way connected with raven, worldcraft, or sof (kudos all around) and do this purely for the joy of map making and play, and just want to give back to the gaming community.

sof.fgd (the worldcraft entity file)
m32towal.zip (m32towal converter)
http://www.planetquake.com/worldcraft/ (worldcraft 1.6 shareware version. follow the link to the Forge)

Creating SOF Maps Using Worldcraft

To create maps using worldcraft, you need to create a new custom game configuration for Wordcraft. (I have 1.6 so everything I tell you relates to that version. It has been suggested that Worldcraft 2.X doesnt make any maps but Half-Life. So, you may need to d/l the 1.6 shareware version)

Creating an SOF Map Using Worldcraft

-Copy the "sof.fgd" file to your /worldcraft/fgds directory.
(Worldcraft uses this file for its entities list. Creating a bounding box for the objects and colors
to help differentiate them)
-Copy the "entities.txt" file somewhere for your reference
(This file better explains the enities. - all of them- some are missing from the fgd. You can add
them in by hand by adding an entity in somewhere and changing its name the the o­ne you
want. The size of the enitity in WC will be wrong, so you have to judge it by hand.)

Configuring Worldcraft
-Open WC.
-Open the "Tools" menu- Click o­n "Options"
-Click o­n the "Game Configurations" Tab
-Click the "Edit" button at the top next to the "Configuration" pulldown list
-Click the "Add" button
-Type o­n "Sof"
-Click the "Close" button
-Choose Sof from the "Configuration" pulldown list
-Click the "Add" button next to the "Game Data Files" section
-Browse the /worldcraft/fgds/ dirctory and choose the "sof.fgd"
-Choose "Wal/Pak QuakeII" from "Texture Format" pulldown list
-Choose "QuakeII" from the "Map Type" pulldown list
-Choose a "Default PointEntity" from the pulldown menu (I use info_player_deathmatch)
-Choose a "Default SolidEntity" from the pulldown menu (I use func_door)
-Browse to your Game directory (d:/games/sof/ in my case)
-Browse to your RMF directory (I use /sof/base/maps/dm)
-Choose the "sof.pal" in your worldcraft directory for the "Pallete File"
-Thats it for set up.
-Now when you create a new map, select Sof as the Map type and it will load the Sof map configuration.

(You can setup your Build Configuration Tab as well, but I haven't actually tried to compile from within WC, so I dont know if it works)

Converting/Configuring Textures for Worldcraft
-Using Pak Explorer (or its like) unpak all of the textures in the sofbasepak0.pak file to sofbasetextures
-Download the m32towal converter.
-Unzip it into your sofbasetextures directory.
-Run m32towal with the desired command line. (on my machine for example: m32towal d:gamessofbasetextures -s) (This will convert all of the m32 files to wal files. (Worldcraft uses wal files for its textures.))
-Run Worldcraft
-Select Tools->Options from the menu bar. This opens the Configure Worldcraft window
-Select the Textures Tab.
-Click the Add Wal Group Button. This opens a browse window.
-Browse to the sofbasetextures directory and click Ok.
-Answer Yes to Add All Subdirectories as Separate Texture Groups.
-Click Ok. (Now Worldcraft will use the converted wal files in your sofbasetextures directory whenever you open a SOF type map)


Making a Map
-Create a new map
-Select "Sof" as the Map type.
-Make your map.

Compiling a Map
I have never used WC to compile my maps. Typically, I do it in a dos prompt. That way, I can continue to work o­n my map in WC. I am using sofbuild right now.

Thats It. Enjoy.

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