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Rappeling Combine
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This tutorial will walk you through making a rappeling prison guard/combine/elite combine and it assumes you got basic mapping skills.
Entities used and abit of explaination
npc_combine_s - This is the NPC that will rappel down
info_node - The NPC's uses this for navigating around the map, Waypoints, kinda
info_player_start - As the name suggests this is where the player starts
trigger_once - The name speaks for itself, a trigger that only can be triggered once

1.) First of all, i've created a little map, with a wall dividing it into 2 sections with a little tunnel leading from one the the other.

As you can see in the picture, one of the sections got high walls with a little ledge ontop the walls, This will be where the npc_combine_s will be rappeling from

2.) Now to creating the npc_combine_s. Select the entity tool, find npc_combine_s in the drop down menu. Create the entity just a little under your ledge, 4 units is enough.
For reference you could set model animation to "rappelloop", to do this, open object properties (ALT+ENTER for short) goto model. Then find the previous mentioned animation, "rappelloop". You might need to rotate the npc_combine_s to make it look properly, simplest way to do this is pressing is pressing CTRL+M and enter a value on the Z textbox.

When you're done i recommend you set back the model animation to "ragdoll". Not sure if it will work "as it should" when having in set to "rappelloop". Better to be on the safe side...

3.) Now its time for setting up the rest of the properties on the npc_combine_s.
Name : combine_1 (this could be anything, if you're making a big map, i suggest you name it as describing as possible)
Waiting to Rappel? : Yes (We want our combine to rappel dont we?)
Weapons : SMG1 (You could use whatever you want here)
Number of Grenades : 1 (You could use whatever you want here aswell)
Model : Regular Soldier (This can also be whatever you want, but i'll use Regular Soldier)

4.) We need something to get the npc_combine_s to start rappeling, you can use anything that can generate a output, but for this i'll use a trigger. Create a brush with the trigger texture and Tie to Entity (CTRL+T for short). Find trigger_once in the menu. Name it to whatever you find suiting, It's not necessary but if you're making a big map its a recomended you name every as describing as possible (Yes, I know, i've already said that once). Anyways, goto Outputs and add the following output.

My output named : OnTrigger
Targets entities named : combine_1 (The npc_combine_s we made before)
Via this input : BeginRappel (This doesnt need any explaination does it?)
With a parameter of override of : <none>
After a delay in seconds of : 0.00 (This is where you would set any delayed, if you wanted any)

5.) Now to the final couple things, add a info_player_start in the section where the npc_combine_s isn't, in other words, the section with low walls. Don't forget giving the weapon some sort of weapon and item_suit, i also added a simple skybox a some lights, but i wont go into detail about that.

You can find the .vmf and .bsp, HERE

If you need any help with this feel free to post on MODSonline.com or C-C-Studios.com forums // Drapan

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