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3D Skybox
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This is a 3D Skybox submitted by Darkone.
Ok i know alot of people have been asking how to make a 3d skybox so after toying with a few tutorials,
i have found my own way of making them so ill share that with you.

First things first:

1)Make your map and add your regular skybox and light enviroment so that it lights your map the way you want it.

NOTE: to make the 3d skyox work properly the above needs to be done first!

2)Build your land brushes around your completed map.(Basicly add onto your existing map outside of your skybox)

Note: Make this area large because this will be scaled down drasticly.

3)Make another skybox around that area going over and under your other skybox.

4)If you are going to make buildings of your own build them into the outer skybox now.
If you are going to use skybox models skip this step.

5)At this point i assume you have your buildings made or are going to use skybox models.

6)Select the outer skybox,ground, and any buildings you might have made.

7) with these selected choose from the top tool bar tools/transform.

8)then select scale then set x,y, and z to 0.0625 (1/16th the size).

9) Move your 3d skybox off to the side somewhere. It's not really important as to where.

10) Now copy over your light_enviroment from your maps skybox to the 3d skybox.
(you should have 2 light enviroments now with exactly the same settings)

11) Now add a sky_camera to the center of the 3d skybox at exactly ground level.

12) Ok now add skybox models if you like.

13) Thats pretty much it Compile your map and see the nice effect.

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