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Modify Objects Dialog
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Modify/Edit Objects Dialog:


-Each type of object has its own standard Edit dialog(i.e. EditMesh,EditLight,EditCamera etc.).
-ONE object at a time must be SELECTED for the standard edit controls to be enabled(name,color) and object's edit dialog to show up.
In other words you can't edit multi-selected objects.
-Some modifiers can handle more than one objects of the same type.
-Some modifiers don't handle objects but perform some other operations.

1) The object's name(editable).
2) The object's color(editable).Click on it to show the color picker dialog.
3) The modifiers list.
4) Select the modifier from the list above.If this modifier can handle the type/number of objects selected the "Modify" button will be enabled. Press the "Modify"
button.A new dialog(the modifier's one) will replace the object's standard one.
5)The "Apply" button will be enabled.Adjust the modifier's variables and press "Apply".The viewports will be redrawn to reflect the changes.You can "Undo" if the
result is not satisfactory and apply again with changed values.When finished press "Modify" again.
*NOTE: If the "Apply" button is not enabled then the modifier is auto-applied when "Modify" button is pressed(i.e UVMapping in ver.>=1.3.4).


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