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Bots Configuration : Part 1
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Ok, here's how to setup your own bots, and tune them up.
Configuring Your Bots : Part 1 of 2

Ok, here's how to setup your own bots, and tune them up.

1. First create a folder sofuserbot (obviously sof is the full path to your Sof directory.

2. Open the Pak2.pak file with your Winzip, click o­n thefolder toopen it like windows file explorer and then click o­n the bot folder to select it.

3. Right-Click and select "Extract Sub-Directories" and then browse to your sofuserbot folder (Make sure you Double-Click o­n in so it opens) and the Click OK.

4. You should see a message 76 objects extracted successfully. If so you are ready to begin editing. Check your bot folder it should have 3 sub-directories in it, bots, mapcfgs & wpfiles. You should also have botlist & readme in the bot folder. It is a good idea to read the readme.

5. The botlist file contains the names of all the bots, this is what you see from the in game bot menu. The names relate to the actual bot files within the userbotbots folder. Edit this list to contain the names of the bots you want to use.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you put the final return after the last name in the list or this might cause SoF to crash.

6. Delete all the bot (.bpf) files in the bots folderapart from toshi.bpf

7. Rename toshi.bpf to the first botname in your botlist file, eg SuperBot.bpf, and then open it with notepad. All lines that start witha "#" are comments. Change the name o­n the second line to the name of the bot you are going to use. eg. "SuperBot". This is not necessary but just makes it easier to see which bot it is, if you want to edit the file in future.

8. The first important line is :


This is the name and skin of the bot, change the name to SuperBot and the skin to Cobra. The skin name is what appears under the model, in the multi-player team selection screen within SoF. Just make a note of the o­nes you want to use. It should now look like this :


9. Next set the bots accuracy, where 1 is best and 180 is worst.


10. Next is FOV, which is the bots vision in degrees, best to leave this as it is unless you want an all seeing bot, with eyes in the back of his head.


11. Turning speed, is obviously how quickly the bot can turn.


12. View distance is how far the bot can see in map units, 4096 is a good figure here, but try some lower numbers for short sighted bots.


13. General intelligence is how smart the bot is overall, 1 is clever and 4 is dumb.


14. Next we can set if the bot will chat, this will have no effect unless the mapcfg file is set to chat. (this will discussed later)


15. Next is the chat frequency where, 1 is hardly ever and 100 is constantly. I find 60 is a good figure here. Anything over this can get annoying.


16. Next are the sections which contain the actual bot chat remarks, they are divided into 6 sections. You can safely ignore sections 5 & 6, as sections 1 & 2 seem to apply to bots as well as players. 1st section 1, this is what the bot says after it has killed someone. So lets add some remarks.

Eat that sucker.
Hey %, you suck.
How'd ya like that o­ne %.
Ha Ha.
I enjoyed that.

The "%" indicates the player name who was killed. eg Hey, PointyGit, you suck. Also I have found that sometimes the last character is missing, so I finish all lines with a full stop "."

17. Section 2 is remarks the bot says after being killed.

Stop killing me %.
That sucked.
Hey %, that hurt.
I'm gonna get you for that.
Pick o­n someone your own size.
What did you do that for %.

18. Section 3 is just idle chat, spurted out at random.

PointyGit rocks.
Prepare to die suckers.
I'm gonna whooop you arses.
This map sux.
I'm bored.
Hey %, how are you today.
Lets play something else.
Damn this server is laggy.
Lets rock.
This game kicks ass.
Man I love this game.
It isn't so much a game as a way of life.
Look out bots in the house.
Bots rule.
It's not how you play the game, it's if you win or lose.

19. Section 4 is responses to idle chat remarks, although sometimes it seems to say these remarks for no reason.

Hey %, shut up man.
You talk too much %.
You're all mouth and no action %.
If I wanted to talk I'd go to a chat room.
Hey %, less talking and more killing.
I don't wanna talk to you %.
Man %, you don't half talk some crap.
Shut up, toilet mouth.
I'm gonna wash your mouth out %.
Hey %, stop chatting and get o­n with the game.
You're giving me a headache %.
Keep your trap shut.

20. Now you have to copy and rename this for every bot you have in your botlist. Edit each o­ne so they have different characteristics, and different catch phrases.

Ok that covers the botlist file and bot personality files now we need to edit the mapcfg file. So move o­n to the next section2.

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