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Adding Bots
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Here I will show you how to add the waypoints that tell the bots where they should run.
So you want to add bots?

You've made you map and tweaked all the details. Now you're ready to submit it to world... but wait! You haven't written the waypoint file so that people can play it with bots. How do you do that? Well, actually, it is pretty simple.

Here I will show you how to add the waypoints that tell the bots where they should run. Without them, the bots will pretty much just run aimlessly around the area with which it has spawned. At the end of this page, I will list all of the console commands that can be used in conjuction with bots and their waypoint management.

1. Start by running your map in a server with bots. Make sure that you have selected the following functions:

- Public Server : no
- Number of Players: more than 2
- Time Limit: none
- Add Bots: add a couple of random bots

2. Open the console ( I assume you have the console enabled by running the game using the shortcut that looks similar to this: "C:Program FilesRavenSOFSoF.exe" +set console 1)and type: bot_wp_edit 1. This will enable the waypoint edit mode and allow you to add waypoints to the map.

3. Start placing your waypoints by typing: makewp in the console. This will create a multicolored cube in the location that you are standing. When you place the next waypoint, the previous o­ne will turn red and the last created point will become multicolored.

There are a few things to keep in mind when placing waypoints. I will take this directly from the readme file that can be found in your pak2 file.

Standard waypoints are red, waypoints where the bot will crouch are green, waypoints where the bot will jump are blue, and the last waypoint placed is always multi-colored. Here are some rules to follow when routing a level:

1. Always make sure each waypoint is visible from the previous waypoint and the next waypoint.
2. Make sure you stay crouched while placing waypoints in areas that require the player to crouch to avoid certain obstacles. Any time you place a waypoint while crouched, it will automatically become what I usually refer to as a "crouch point".
3. Try not to go off any ledges that you can't climb back up.
4. Try to place a waypoint close to each side of a door.
5. Place waypoints close to buttons that need to be used, so the bots will know to use them.
6. Remember to use jump waypoints (makewpj) in places where the bot will need to jump to get to the next waypoint, to assure that the bot knows how to time the jump properly.
7. Try to place a waypoint right o­n top of every decent accessable weapon or item you see (this makes the bots more likely to be able to track that weapon or item through the level if they need it).
8. In CTF, place waypoints o­n top of or as close to both team's flags as possible. It's also helpful to make clear usable paths between the flags for bots o­n flag-running missions.
9. It's wise to have waypoints intersect with each other frequently, so that the bot can have more than o­ne choice of where to go, and also get to desired areas quickly.
10. Straight vertical ladders can be very tricky. Make sure to just place o­ne waypoint at the foot, and o­ne at the head, with none o­n the ladder in between. Make the waypoint o­n the top of the ladder as close as possible to the ladder without making it so close that the bot loses visibilty. You can also use makewp_nv to place a waypoint which forces the bot to it even if it isn't visible, but that's something you should o­nly do as a very last resort. I recommend going into edit mode o­n nycdm1 and taking a look at how I did the ladder o­n that level for an example.
11. It's important to note that when using makewp_nv, you MUST continue to use makewp_nv points until there is a regular point visible from both ends of the makewp_nv point trail.

4.After you have placed all of your waypoints and you feel that it's ready to play, in the console type: writewpfile. This will create a file in the SOFuserbotwpfiles folder under the name of your map. Also, immediately after this file is saved, the bots you added to the server will begin to appear and you'll no doubt be sucked into playing your level with the bots for 20 minutes or more. So, be sure to plan time for that.. hehe. Don't be concerned about the glowing waypoint cubes in your map. They are o­nly there while you are in waypoint edit mode. They will disappear when you restart the game or when you open the console and type: bot_wp_edit 0.

Here is a list of console commands that can be used for manipulating the bot files:

makes a waypoint while in edit mode.

makes a waypoint that will cause the bot to jump.

makes a waypoint that must be used by a bot even if it cannot be seen by the bot.

removes the last waypoint that was created.

writes and saves the waypoint file for that particular map under the name of that map.

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