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Adding Enemies
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Adding enemies to your HL2 Single Player map.
hi i got a little tutorial on enemy's and enemy nodes for HL2 sp
excuse me for my bad english because i'm Dutch so please check for errors :-)

OK. You want to add enemy's to your map

1. Draw a basic room with a few walls in the center of the map like this:
(i got the spawnpoint already in but it is explained at 4)

2. Add the enemy's :
Add a entity somewhere in the map and press alt+enter and add these values:

Entity class (dropdown box) = npc_combine_s
Name = soldiers
Weapons = smg1

now press copy and then paste special like this

Select the soldier and drag it to another place, you will see that the soldier was copyed because there is still one standing

3. Add some friends
place the enemy's behind the middle wall (make 4 or something like that) and make a new entity somewhere near the player
press alt+enter and add these values:

Entity Class = npc_citizen
Name = citizens
Weapons = shotgun (or anything you like)
Model = Male 1 (change this value for the copyed citizens because its a bit weird running around with clones :-p)

The model value changes the way the model looks , you can see that in hammer in the 3d view too, soldiers have this value too

Now you have something like this

4. Add a spawn , suit and weapons

Add an enity with the Class value info_player_spawn in the citizen group
Add another entity with Class value item_suit and drag it on top of gordon
And add another value with weapon_smg1 and drag it IN gordon

The gun is now sticking out of the spawn and the suit is on top of gordon, there are other ways for it but that is maybe something for a next tutorial

5. Add Nodes and Squad Value

You can compile the map now and play it but the combine dont work together and they just stand on the same spot
Lets change that
First select all your combine soldiers and add these values:
Squad Name = squad1
Wake Squad = yes


the combine now share information about the enemy (you) and act like a team, nice!

Now add a new entity with the Class value info_node
Place these on strategic places like behind walls or any place that can give the combine the advantage
Also place some nodes on open spots so they can walk to other nodes (they follow the nodes)
i got something like this:

i got them only at the middle wall to save some time but you can place them anywhere were they fight. just dont let them touch the wall or other nodes
They will use there grenades too and take cover behind the wall

6. Add light

add some light entitys to your map (Class value light) and place them somewhere high (for people that have a dark map)

7. Compile and run

Run the map and play!

You can add more enemy's , make 2 or more squads etc
Its now up to you!

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