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Exporting a file from LR3D and Importing in COD
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Prometheus shows you how to export a file from LightRay3D and import it into COD

Exporting a file from LR3D and Importing in COD
You'll need the LR3D plugin and COD tools installed before you can create models for COD.

1. Create your model's folder in callofduty/tools/model_export/(eg callofduty/tools/model_export/mym1carbine)
(Textures and *.xmodel_export file should be saved in there).
NOTE: files that will be created in xmodelsurfs and xmodelparts folders will be named after this folder.
If you don't store your "*.xmodel_export" file in a descriptive folder the converted files will have a numeric filename(eg 1 or 2)

2. Export the model in "*.xmodel_export" format and save it in your model's folder(eg callofduty/tools/model_export/mym1carbine/mycarbine.xmodel_export)

3. Run the asset manager and create a game data file( *.gdt) or open an existing one.
NOTE: Each gdt file can hold information about a lot of different types of assets (eg models, animations, weapons)
but you should generally keep one type of asset in each gdt.

Run the asset manager.
Type the name you want(eg "mym1carbine").This is gonna be the name of your xmodel file(found in xmodel folder).
Select "xmodel" from the list below.
Press "new entry".
Some options will be shown on the right side of the window.
In the field select "rigid" for static weapons, "viewmodel" for player-ai weapons, "viewhands" for player arms/hands.

Do NOT include the player arms when exporting a weapon and vice versa.
You can check xmodel/ folder and see the different files for arms and weapons named(respectively):
viewmodel_???weaponname and viewmodel_hands_???.
Unless feature versions of the plugin takes care of files that contain both arms and weapon you should delete either the arms or weapon when exporting.

Press the "browse" button(...) and se
lect your "*.xmodel_export" file.
You don't have to fill any other fields, the model will work fine at this point.
NOTE: LOD(level of detail) meshes are low-poly versions of the normal model.They are used when model is too far away(given distance you specify) in order to increase

performance(less polygons drawn).You can use PolyChop modifier to create and export medium,low versions of the model.
Save the gdt file in callofduty/tools/model_export as "xmodel_mycarbine.gdt" or something.

4. Next run the converter.exe found in callofduty/tools/bin/ folder.This tool will create files for the in game readable format.
The files will be stored in callofduty/tools/game/main/ xmodel,xmodelsurfs,xmodelparts folders.
NOTE: the textures will be copied in callofduty/tools/game/main/skins/ folder.

5. Create your pk3 and add folders/files.
skins/ copy texture file(s)
xmodel/ copy the file created in callofduty/tools/game/main/xmodel/ (eg viewmodel_myweapon)
xmodelsurfs/ copy the file created in callofduty/tools/game/main/xmodelsurfs/ NOTE: the file will be named after the folder it exists in
xmodelparts/ copy the file created in callofduty/tools/game/main/xmodelparts/ NOTE: the file will be named after the folder it exists in

6. Put the pak in callofduty/main/ folder and test in game.

Try editing and replacing the m1carbine that's included in the COD tools(not player's viewmodel just the pickable static model).
Import m1carbine.xmodel_export in LR3D.
Delete Arms and hands(their bones too) and leave weapon model and its bones.
Export as giveaname.xmodel_export
Follow the instructions above.
Assets manager:
name: weapon_M1Carbine (name must be the same as the original)
type: rigid
file: your *.xmodel_export file


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