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Setting up the Editor
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Here's how you get the editor up and running.
If you’ve mapped for Soldier of Fortune, Call of Duty or any other recent Quake-engine based game, you will find setting up the editor for Doom 3 much simpler and use of the editor very familiar. DOOM 3 uses a variation of radiant and the editor is built right into the game code. I believe the key reason for this is because the game reads the raw map files instead of a compiled version. The only reason for compiling the map at the end of construction is to create the accompanying files.

Enough talk… let me show you haw to get the editor running so you can start making your maps.

1. Installing the game installs the editor so there are no additional steps you need to take there.

2. To make the screen less confusing when the editor loads, change the video settings in the game to windowed mode.

*note: to run the game in windowed mode, you can set this option in the video preferences of the game or from the command line. set r_fullscreen 0 can be added to the Target of the to the game shortcut as outlined in step three below or to the console or even to a custom autoexec.cfg file. The problem with just adding it to your existing cfg file is that it will be deleted again between runs of the game.

I suggest that you create your own autoexec.cfg file because it can later be used for other commands as well.

To create this file, open notepad or some other text editor. Write the set command line as follows: Set r_fullscreen 0. Then save the file as C:Program FilesDoom 3baseautoexec.cfg (make sure it is saved as a .cfg and not a .txt file).

Now when you run the editor, everything should fit on the screen and your mouse should be in sight.

3. If you are going to be making multiplayer maps, you need to create a folder where the game can find them. Assuming you installed the game in its default directory on the C: drive, create this folder:
C:Program FilesDoom 3basemapsgamemp

4. There are two ways to get to the editor.
  • The way that I don’t suggest is you can add another shortcut to Doom 3 on your desktop and edit the Target by right clicking the icon and selecting Properties. At the end of the Target that is already listed add the word “editor” so the line looks like: C:Program FilesDoom 3basemapsgamemp editor

    I don’t suggest that method because can make using the editor confusing. When the editor loads using this method, your mouse appears to have disappeared. You have to try and move your invisible pointer to the map grid and click there to see it again. I found that annoying and decided that the next method was easier for using the editor.

  • I rather suggest that you run the game as normal and load the editor from the console. To access the console, you must hit the key combination of CTRL + ALT + ~. That will cause the console window to open where you can type the command editor.

    *note: If you want to be able to open the console using just the ~ key, you must set the command. To solve this you either want to add a set command to your Target as outlined above for “editor” or add another set command to your autoexec.cfg which is also outlined above.

    Add the command: Set com_allowConsole 1.

    At this point, if you are adding this to the Target of your shortcut, it may look something like this: com_allowConsole 1 +set r_fullscreen 0 +editor

    Now when you run the game, this file will load too and you can access the console with just ~ instead of CTRL + ALT + ~.

5. If for some reason when you load the editor all of your windows are blank, you want to shut off AntiAliasing in the video preferences. You can do this from the game settings area or you can do this from the console / autoexec.cfg / target : set r_multiSamples 0

Then just restart the game and all should be well again.

You can download my autoexec.cfg file right here.

Now you should be able to load the editor and get ready for mapping. ( I have rearranged my editor windows so it looks more familiar to me… like older versions of radiant)

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