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Map 5 : A Pond
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Submitting Your Custom Maps And Other Materials
Mapping 101 - Making a Pond for the Courtyard - Tutorial 5

Ok, load up tutorial4 and save it as tutorial5, and load up the armory textures. Set your grid to 16 points.

Now we are going to add an ornamental pond to our courtyard.

  1. Select the "2_oldwall2" texture. Make a brush 96 x 96 x 32, in the center of the courtyard, (Figure 1) and make sure the bottom of the brush is touching the top of the courtyard floor.

Figure 1.

  1. Now select Brush>8 sided, and the brush should turn into an octagon.

  2. Press 4 to set your grid to 8 points, and press the hollow button.

  3. Delete the top and bottom brushes of the octagon. So you end up with just the side remaining.

  4. Now we need to deal with the overlapping brushes again, but you will notice that the eight points of the octagon aren't o­n grid points. Zoom in with the Delete key, and press 3 to set your grid to 4 points. Now miter the edges as in Figure 2.( You can zoom out again with the Insert key)

Figure 2.

  1. Texture the top of the walls with "con1"

  2. Now time for some water. Make a brush that touches the insides of the octagon, Figure 3, and make it 24 points high.

Figure 3.

  1. Make sure the bottom is lined up with the bottom of the pond walls, and use Brush>8 sided again. Load the "tokyo" textures from the Texture menu and apply the "water" texture.

  2. Now we need to make sure that the game knows this texture is water. While the brush is still selected press S to open the Surface Inspector. I'm not going to go through all of the properties in this window now, so for the time being just make sure "warp","trans66","Alpha Tex" and "water" are checked, see Figure 4, and then click OK. They should automatically be checked when you use the "tokyo/water" texture, but this is not always the case.

Figure 4.

Save your work (Ctrl-S) and the compile and run the map, it should now look like Figure 5.

Figure 5.

Now your ready for tutorial 6.

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