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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping

Tutorials : OFP2


Learn what to think about before building your missions.

How to export your missions

Creating a checkpoint

Creating a Distant Smoke Effect

How to place a soldier entity.

How to create waypoints in flashpoint 2


How to add a crew to your vehicles

How to add entities to buildings

Zeroy shows us how to create a timer for triggering events

In this task we will show you how to use Live Link to move an object around the Mission Editor and precisely place that object within the game world.


Adding time display to system message window

I wrote this because I needed to have players
reach an objective by a certain time to observe
some event that I was planning.

Triangulates the distance between killer & victim at time of death

I wrote this because I was creating a sniper
style game and I wanted to reward a player by
recording the longest range as well as praising
them for distant kills. My personal best is 1218.5m with the Barrett

Advanced Lua scripting.

Here is a full list of particle effects to use in your maps

Here is a full list of speech effect you can use in your maps

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