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Indie Dev of the Month

Posted by Welshy in General on Apr 6, 2012

As you may or may not have heard on last weeks MODSonair, we are going to start running a new feature on the site.

Each month we are going to nominate an independent game studio as our “Indie Dev of the month”. We'll hopefully be able to post articles and interviews with each of the teams and post them for you guys to enjoy. We'll also be rounding it up with an interview on MODSonair.

To kick things off in style we have, for April, nominated Plastic Piranha and their up and coming fps Rikochet. Look out for the feature interviews, screenshots and other content from them. You can also check out last weeks MODSonair episode to watch our interview with them.

You'll be able to check each month on the right hand side of the site, as well as keeping an eye on our featured news page.

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