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Scripter, COD

Posted by batistablr in Job Opportunities on Apr 2, 2007


Treyarch is looking for single-player scripters! Do you want to work with the studio that did Call of Duty 3?

Join the team responsible for such award winning games as Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty: United Offensive and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Treyarch is located in sunny, Southern California in Santa Monica, just a few blocks from the beach.


Scripters at Treyarch are responsible for designing and implementing all game play events and level functionality using both the game's scripting system (GSC) and the level editing tool (Radiant).

Candidates should have a passion for First Person Shooters (console or PC) and have a love for Call of Duty games. Candidates should also demonstrate experience of making fun levels for a recent and successful First Person Shooter.

Candidates must work well in a team environment. Strong communication skills are also a must. Candidates should take and understand direction well in addition to meeting deadlines and handling multiple tasks.

Strong game design skills are required: candidates must be able to intelligently discuss the strengths of weaknesses of recent games. Candidates must be able to know and understand techniques used to make enjoyable and intense FPS combat.


  • Four Year College Degree
  • Drawing/art skills.
  • Programming and or scripting experience
  • Professional full time game industry experience
  • FPS mod community work
  • Other video game design experience (including pen and paper designs)

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