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Quake 4 Mods Book Now Available

Posted by foyleman in Quake on Aug 8, 2006
How many times have you seen the question in a mapping or modding forum, "Where can I find the manual for this?" Well now there is one. Quake 4 Mods for Dummies is now available online and in stores. Learn to make custom levels, include your own face or custimized weapon or change just about anything else in the game.

Quake 4 Mods for Dummies picks up from the installation of the game. You will learn to setup and use the different tools for making custom maps. Detailed steps on creating custom textures and making your map for any available game mode are explained. You will see how to create your own scripts and re-skin characters. Even the last chapter is dedicated to 10 great mods already available. These mods are broken down so you can better understand how they were created and possibly implement similar changes into your own modification.

Along with including all of the necessary tools on a CD with the book, all example maps and materials are included too. You can pick up from anywhere in the book, load up the material being discussed and learn to make your custom Quake 4 content.

Quake 4 Mods for Dummies is authored by foyleman who has become well known on MODSonline.com. For many years he has been providing video and text tutorials and helping to build MODSonline.com into the large, friendly community it is now.

You can purchase Quake 4 Mods for Dummies at a great price right from Amazon.com (use this link to support the author). You can also visit Quake4ModsforDummies.com for more information, links and downloads.

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