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Softimage Lock and Load

Posted by foyleman in Modeling News on Apr 4, 2005
Think you're good with modeling, well now you can prove it. The makers of Softimage|XSI, Avid Computer Graphics, is hosting a modeling and animations contest. Teaming up with HP, nVidia and Gamedev.net, you can enter to win "fantastic prizes".

Offered free of charge to anyone who’d like to try it, the Mod Tool extends the life of your favorite games by giving you the power to produce new characters and props using the same tools as the professionals and to export that content to your favorite games, such as Half-Life® 2: Deathmatch, Counter-Strike: Source, or Epic’s Unreal® Tournament 2004.

We are looking for original, compelling characters produced with the XSI Mod Tool that are both visually stunning and believably animated. The characters will be judged in-game on specific visual and animation criteria.
You can find out more about this contest HERE.

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