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Call of Duty II Information

Posted by StrYdeR in Call of Duty on Feb 27, 2005
Alright kiddies, for those of you who haven't run out and grabbed the April 2005 edition of PCGamer, you may want to scrounge up your nickles and do so. Inside you will find some screen shots from the forthcoming Call of Duty 2 as well as some information on what to expect.
Here is a small rundown of some of the the information kicking around:

American SP Campaign (2 Large Missions)
1) Omaha Beach, Battle of the Bulge, Africa, Italy - 7 or 8 small separate missions
2) Pacific Theater

British Campaign (1 Large Mission)
1) Africa, El Alamein, Tobruk - SAS missions

Russian Campaign (1 Large Mission)
1) Stalingrad, Kursk, defending Moscow, the final assault on Berlin

1) Mobile MGs
2) Tanks
3) Jeeps
4) Air and Artillery Support
5) Larger Maps

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