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Job Opportunities

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Looking for good level designers in LA

Lead Designer at Warmongers Online in Santa Monica is looking for kick ass level designers to join their team and work on their game.

Comment on this post if you think you have what it takes. Show some awesome samples of your levels, either Battlefield or COD style maps. They have our own tools so it doesn't matter what you build your demo maps on. The lead designer came from Radiant (previously a level designer at Treyarch) and it was no problem to get into the new tools.
... [ There's more ]

Posted by brocklanders in Job Opportunities on Mar 14, 2012

Unbound Forces need Animator!

Now that Unbound Forces have a viewmodel rig from Infinity Ward, they are in need of an animator to animate the weapons' firing and reload motions. If you are an animator, and want great applied portfolio experience on your record, please e-mail jobs@unboundforces.com .

Unbound Forces is a Call of Duty 2 total conversion. Visit UnboundForces.com for more information a... [ There's more ]

Posted by JD_2020 in Job Opportunities on Jun 28, 2007

Rockstar now recruiting!

The award winning developer Grand Theft Auto is now recruiting.

Go here for more information.

... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in Job Opportunities on May 28, 2007


Since our creation we have strived to provide a unique and fun environment for our employees by focusing heavily on events and activities, both in and out of house, which bring all departments together and create a perfect synergy between work and play. A talented team, an exciting work environment, and competitive compensation await those people who are interested in creating cutting edge games on both the PC and all of the new next-generation console platforms.

Responsibilities:... [ There's more ]

Posted by batistablr in Job Opportunities on Apr 2, 2007

Scripter, COD


Treyarch is looking for single-player scripters! Do you want to work with the studio that did Call of Duty 3?

Join the team responsible for such award winning games as Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty: United Offensive and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Treyarch is located in sunny, Southern California in Santa Monica, just a few blocks from the beach.

... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in Job Opportunities on Apr 2, 2007

Treyarch is hiring Level Builders for Bond team (Activision)

Treyarch is currently looking for a Level Builder. We have just finished Call of Duty 3. We are putting the finishing touches on Spider-Man 3 and we are starting work on our upcoming Bond title. The studio is currently developing leading-edge games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Treyarch is located in a recently renovated space in Santa Monica, CA, just minutes from the beach. Team members enjoy playing weekly basketball and soccer games, afternoon foosball or working out at the neighboring... [ There's more ]
Posted by Treyarch in Job Opportunities on Apr 1, 2007

New Position: 3D Artist with User Interface Experience

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for an exceptionally skilled 3D/Photoshop artist with strong experience working on user interface elements. The ideal candidate has experience using 2D and 3D programs to create and layout user interfaces, strong concept & painting skills, and an ability to adapt their style to the needs of the project. For more information, check out the job description here .... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in Job Opportunities on Mar 9, 2007

Assistant/Associate Professor of Interaction and Game Design

The Design and Technology programs at Parsons have a unique combination of undergraduate and graduate students studying game design and the design of interactive experiences and platforms. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in exploring the future of media and communication design in an academic environment that encourages open collaboration, bold experimentation and intellectual entrepreneurship.... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Job Opportunities on Feb 23, 2007

Animator - Ambitious Next Gen FPS

This innovative London based Studio is looking to recruit an experienced Animator to work on a high profile Next Gen FPS. The candidate will ideally have worked on first person shooter titles previously and have the ability to portray realistic human motion for an ambitious AAA Next Generation title.

If you have an excellent working knowledge of the latest versions of 3DS Max and Character Studio (including rigging and skinning skills if possible) plus a strong, relevant portfolio fro... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Job Opportunities on Feb 23, 2007

Visual Arts/Digital Media

Sarah Lawrence College has a one-year, half-time opening for a guest appointment in Visual Arts/Digital Media with possible renewal of up to three years. The half-time position involves a commitment of two days per week. The teaching would be for one class with a maximum of 15 students, comprised of both beginning and intermediate students in a digital classroom. In addition to class hours, teaching includes individual conferences with each student, and possible participation on departmental com... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Job Opportunities on Feb 23, 2007
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