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Forum: All Forums : Unreal Tournament 2003
Category: UT2K3 General
General game questions, comments, and chat.
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Author Topic: MechOverride needs help
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Since: Jul 28, 2007
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Last: Jul 28, 2007
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Category: UT2K3 General
Posted: Saturday, Jul. 28, 2007 11:06 am
Hello guys!

'm new to this site, so let me introduce myself. I'm SinKing, leader of a small team, which aims at revolutionising the genre of Machinima and giving it the attention it deserves.
We produce high quality animation films on Unreal Engine 3 and we are the first team EVER to try uniting aestetic and epic content of our project and wrapping it up in a presentable film of thirty minutes lenght.
Forget everything you know about Machinima and start thinking from scratch. Here are some facts, which may sound lekker to you:

- we use the power of Unreal Tournament 3 and its editor UnrealED to produce a machinima of even higher quality than the game itself.
- we put a rotoscope filter on top of it to achieve a unique look with this project; the rotoFilter is developed and tweaked to our needs.
- to my knowledge we are the first to make a total conversion and then turn it into a Machinima. Even if it was done before, nothing has ever looked so good, since the next-gen engines are capable of so much more...and we are gonna get the most out of it.
- the script was written by me. I'm an industry professional, worked for advertisement as screenwriter and for a big German daily soap...and quite frankly, I'm fed up with that kinda work.
- Voice acting will be recorded in a London based studio. All music will be contributed by the band Thora and remixed by our sound department.
- The film will run as contestant in all shortfilm festivals around the globe; its a good way of upping your portfolio, because it's unique.

I wish every department was as easy going as the soundguys. I'm having massive problems finding enough animators and a coder, who can work with Unreal Tournament. I know there are plenty around, but we only recently made a design decision towards UT3 and lost half of the team. My bad, but I saw it wasn't possible to produce the game on Doom3.

Production starts August 1st, so head to our (about to be updated) website for more info; we'll start with concept art and the storyboard. The whole project is treated like a film production.

website: www.gaiamedia.de

Send me a mail if you like to be part of this. It would be great if you had some kind of portfolio or showreel attached (or your homepage link). No big files, please.

send mail to: eljefemartin@web.de

I'll be open to discussion, complaints, curiosity. We are a very friendly team and will allow newcomers, too. Personality counts here.
We want you!
Gaïa Multimedia
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MODSonline.com Forums : Unreal Tournament 2003 : UT2K3 General

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