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Forum: All Forums : Soldier of Fortune
Category: SoFII Scripting
Coding related issues dealing with Soldier of Fortune II.
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Author Topic: Single player enemies are not enough smarts
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Category: SoFII Scripting
Posted: Monday, Jun. 11, 2007 05:48 am
I have a question.

I making my own single player maps, but the NPC-s are pretty goofies. They has AK-s, but I can kill them with 1 shot with a pistol. [2guns]

I'm sure I can set them to hardcore killer enemies, but I don't know how. What are the scripts for that?

CINEMATIC - Will spawn with no default AI (BS_CINEMATIC)
NOTSOLID - Starts not solid
STARTINSOLID - Don't try to fix if spawn in solid
SHY - Spawner is shy

targetname - name this NPC goes by for targetting
target - NPC will fire this when it spawns it's last NPC (should this be when the last NPC it spawned dies?)

If targeted, will only spawn a NPC when triggered
count - how many NPCs to spawn (only if targetted) default = 1

NPC_type - name of NPC (in NPCs.cfg) to spawn

NPC_targetname - NPC's targetname AND script_targetname
NPC_target - NPC's target to fire when killed
health - starting health (default = 100)
playerTeam - Who not to shoot! (default is TEAM_STARFLEET)
TEAM_FREE (none) = 0
enemyTeam - Who to shoot (all but own if not set)

spawnscript - default script to run once spawned (none by default)
usescript - default script to run when used (none by default)
awakescript - default script to run once awoken (none by default)
angerscript - default script to run once angered (none by default)
painscript - default script to run when hit (none by default)
fleescript - default script to run when hit and below 50% health (none by default)
deathscript - default script to run when killed (none by default)

These strings can be used to activate behaviors instead of scripts - these are checked
first and so no scripts should be names with these names:
default - 0: whatever
idle - 1: Stand around, do abolutely nothing
roam - 2: Roam around, collect stuff
walk - 3: Crouch-Walk toward their goals
run - 4: Run toward their goals
standshoot - 5: Stay in one spot and shoot- duck when neccesary
standguard - 6: Wait around for an enemy
patrol - 7: Follow a path, looking for enemies
huntkill - 8: Track down enemies and kill them
evade - 9: Run from enemies
evadeshoot - 10: Run from enemies, shoot them if they hit you
runshoot - 11: Run to your goal and shoot enemy when possible
defend - 12: Defend an entity or spot?
snipe - 13: Stay hidden, shoot enemy only when have perfect shot and back turned
combat - 14: Attack, evade, use cover, move about, etc. Full combat AI - id NPC code
medic - 15: Go for lowest health buddy, hide and heal him.
takecover - 16: Find nearest cover from enemies
getammo - 17: Go get some ammo
advancefight - 18: Go somewhere and fight along the way
face - 19: turn until facing desired angles
wait - 20: do nothing
formation - 21: Maintain a formation
crouch - 22: Crouch-walk toward their goals

delay - after spawned or triggered, how many seconds to wait to spawn the NPC

I'm sure these things are the keys of the solution, but I don't find examples on the Net or in the game.

I cannot find example on the example map neither (kam6.bsp).

Or maybe there is a script for set up the map from rookie to nightmare?


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