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Forum: All Forums : Soldier of Fortune
Category: SoFII Scripting
Coding related issues dealing with Soldier of Fortune II.
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Author Topic: Playing Single Player Maps in Multiplayer
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Since: May 21, 2007
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Category: SoFII Scripting
Posted: Monday, May. 21, 2007 06:49 am
I have a SOFII v1.00 servrer using the RPMPro 3.31 mod
This mod also unlocks the Single Player maps that everyone has and makes them available in multiplayer mode.
Some of these maps are very nice indeed and actually play well in Multiplayer. My server is currently running Kam1, Col8, kam6, Finca3
Col6, Kam3, Col3, Kam2, Shop8, Pra2, Hk7 and Col7 (All single player versions). The .ent files for each map have been edited to give multiple spawn points and backpacks.

Col 3 - just one of many SP maps

I would love to know if anyone has got thes maps to work on SOFII Gold v1.03. I'm sure its possible but have no idea how... havent you just heard that before :)

I have some screensots of the maps that seem to work and some comments on the ones that don't at http://www.sofplayers.co.uk/sp_maps.shtml

RpmPro 3.31 can be downloaded from
I would love to see thes maps running on Gold Servers
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