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Author Topic: P90 and other guns
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Category: Source Offsite Links
Posted: Thursday, Mar. 15, 2007 09:43 am

Just as an example, the P90 in cs:s.

yeah yeah "it's just a game" but still... wth can't they make real gun representing models realistic ?
the AK and M4 are ridiculously overaccurate, when concidering the players dont stop or aim with them, all they do is fire hipshots while strafing sideways... and still are able of hitting 1inch targets over 200meters away. BUT....at the same the P90 recoil and bullet spread is HUGE, which is all utter BS. BTW I served my time (corporal) and am familiar with real guns. Is there a way to make a realistic mod where the accuracy/recoil/bulletspread etc can be altered ?

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