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Author Topic: R&R|Projects
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Category: CoD+UO Offsite Links
Posted: Sunday, Mar. 4, 2007 06:58 am

Welcome to R&R|projects. We are a Level designing team who work hard to develop maps based on public views.

Website and forum

Be sure to visit our website and forums. Our forums offer section of many different kinds. We try to reply to all post as soon as possible be it asking for help or showing off some stuff you done..

The Team

Ricsta - Mapper/Team Director
Rasta - Mapper/Team Director
Br3nt - Mapper/Scripter
CodeSilent - Movie Producer
Janova - Mapper/Modeller
Paulo - Mapper
SevenSniff - Mapper/Website Codder

Maps made by R&R|Projects

Our current map list is growing but we have been very successful with our releases so far. All maps can be downloaded and rated from our website. The current completed maps are as follows:

Samsite day
Samsite night

Aquitaine 2
Samsite 2

St Laurent

We also have a number of projects currently in progress where there progress can be tracked through our website with regular updates, screenshots and videos.


We also offer a range of tutorials written by the R&R team as well as other registered users. Currently we have tutorials for the following:

Effective Basic Roofs
Creating basic terrain
Adding flying stuka's to your CoD2 MP map
Realistic Mortars
Adding rain/snow to your COD2 MP map
How to Remove Extra Weapons from a map
Creating your own models in CoD2 Radiant
Compiling a COD2 map
Modifying stock voiceovers in COD
Adding rain to a CODUO MP map
Adding flying stuka's to your COD MP map

CoD2 Server of The Month Bidding!

Ok so your probably wondering what the new server advertisement is about. Right so basically CoDUtility & rnr-projects have teamed up on a idea we had to earn the teams some money and also help people out by displaying there server for 30 days. What everybody has to do is go to eBay and put in a bid, after 10 days the highest bidder gets his server displayed. If you have a small server and would really like some action then this is your chance. Not only will you get general public playing on your server but you will get call of duty 2 custom level developers from rnr-projects and administrators from codutility.com. If theres any problems caused by us then you will recieve 100% cash back


Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon
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