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Forum: All Forums : Soldier of Fortune
Category: SoFII Scripting
Coding related issues dealing with Soldier of Fortune II.
Moderators: foyleman, Foxhound, Mystic, StrYdeR, batistablr, Welshy, DrBiggzz, supersword
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Author Topic: How To Make RPG Auotmatic?????
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Since: Mar 26, 2005
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Last: Jun 13, 2006
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Category: SoFII Scripting
Posted: Tuesday, Jun. 13, 2006 06:12 pm
Wondering if any of yas know how to make the m3a1 and the rpg automatic. Ill paste the mod i have right now. Thanks Guys

name "M3A1"
displayName "WEAPONS_NAME_M3A1"
model "models/weapons/m3a1/world/m3a1world.glm"
safe true
rank 0.3
cvar wp_m3a1
category 4 // sub-machine gun
menuImage "hud/weapon_icons/m3a1_icon"

mp_animRaise "TORSO_RAISE"
mp_animDrop "TORSO_DROP"
mp_animIdle "TORSO_IDLE_RIFLE"
mp_animReload "TORSO_RELOAD_RIFLE"

ammoType "0.45 ACP"
clipSize "50"
damage "100"
armorPiercing "0.25"
muzzleFlash "effects/muzzle_flashes/mflash_m3"
muzzleSmoke "effects/muzzle_flashes/smoke_m4"
3rdPersonMuzzleFlash "effects/muzzle_flashes/mflash_m3_inworld"
ShellCasingEject "effects/shell_brass"
TracerEffect "effects/tracerTest2"
EjectBone "ejection_m3a1"
inaccuracy "0"
maxInaccuracy "0"
range 8192
volume 0.75
kickAngles "1 1 -1 1"

mp_damage "100"
mp_inaccuracy "0"
mp_maxinaccuracy "0"
mp_fireDelay "0"
mp_extraClips "3"

mode1 auto

name "RPG7"
displayName "WEAPONS_NAME_RPG7"
model "models/weapons/rpg7/world/rpg7world.glm"
safe false
rank 0.95
cvar wp_rpg7
category 7 // heavy weapon
menuImage "hud/weapon_icons/rpg7_icon"

mp_animRaise "TORSO_RAISE"
mp_animDrop "TORSO_DROP"
mp_animIdle "TORSO_IDLE_RPG"
mp_animReload "TORSO_RELOAD_RPG"
mp_fireDelay "-10000"

ammoType "RPG7"
clipSize "999"
damage "275"
radius "300"
muzzleFlash "effects/muzzle_flashes/mflash_rpg7"
muzzleSmoke "effects/muzzle_flashes/smoke_mm1"
3rdPersonMuzzleFlash "effects/muzzle_flashes/mflash_mm1_inworld"
volume 1.0
kickAngles "1 5 -2 1"

mp_damage 200
mp_animFire "TORSO_ATTACK_RPG"
mp_extraClips "999"

effect "effects/rpg7_trail"
gravity 0
speed 6000
detonation impact
explosionEffect "effects/explosions/mushroom_explosion_no_fire"
underwaterEffect "effects/explosions/water_explosion_under"
waterExplosionEffect "effects/explosions/water_explosion"
loopSound "sound/weapons/rpg7/flyby.wav"

mode2 auto
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