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Forum: All Forums : Unreal Tournament 2003
Category: UT2K3 General
General game questions, comments, and chat.
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Author Topic: Mod in the worx!
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Since: Jan 30, 2003
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Category: UT2K3 General
Posted: Thursday, Jan. 30, 2003 10:48 am
Hello all,

I have been organizing a mod for about 8 months now. The mods goal is to reproduce http://www.dp9.com Heavy Gear Universe in the UT2k3 engine.

You can find our site at http://www.hgf.rocks.it

We already have some great talent aboard. And we are looking to expand our crew in every area.

Heavy Gear Forever is not your every day mech game. They are not 40 stories w/huge weapon systems. More so, they are about 4meters high, and in the real game carry mainly realistic weapons. I would say that 90% of the weapons in the HG universe are based on technology we currently have.

Primarily there are projectile(20mm auto cannons), Missile(packs, bazookas), and indirect (morters, grenade) based weapons mounted on a light weight *in comparrison* frame.

The Gears have 2 modes of travel. Walk/run which is seemless transition and SMS *secondary movement systems* Which are allot like giant roller skates.

There are 4 frame sizes;light, medium, heavy, assault. And then there is a light mech class.

The overall universe has some 170 variations of frames. We only hope to capture a few *for now*

The final release will allow you to modify your gear to improve it's performance. if you imagine an empty frame. Now imagine that every positive thing you add to your frame costs TV(threat value)and every negative thing *or FLAW* you add to your gear reduces the TV.

When you play on a server.. It will be based on the TV value set by the admins of the server. So you will need to modify the BEST gear you can for that server.

A 1000tv would allow you 1 weapon in a tin can. a 99999tv game would allow you every weapon and every perk.. but your still in a tin can

This game when complete will be fast, tacticle..and gritty. Almost like TDM for Rouges Spear, RavenSheild, etc.. except for Gears.

If anyone has any interest in helping out. Let me know. All areas and skill levels are welcome.
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