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Forum: All Forums : Call of Duty: World at War
Category: CoDWW Scripting
Scripting and coding with Call of Duty: World at War.
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Author Topic: Help me with script dialogs
General Member
Since: Feb 1, 2011
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Last: Jan 10, 2017
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Level 0
Category: CoDWW Scripting
Posted: Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017 07:53 am

Advise me please.
as i think that i have problem with soundaliases. I many see forums and other sites about this topic but it's no helped me, and I do not understand.

This is example how i want to do: example picture

such moment. [rolleyes]
I want to make a dialogue for my allies actors. the like code examples working in all standart maps named_anim.gsc
into CoDWaW (SP):


load.scr_anim[nameactor_from_radiant_named][animname] ="%ch_named_actor_animation_(form_xanim_folder)";
load.scr_sound[nameactor_from_radiant_named][animname] = "name_sound_from_soundaliases";


and i write so code for dialogue (animation + sound):

//////////// in main gsc i insort:

#include maps\_anim;
#include maps\_utility;
#include common_scripts\utility;


flag_init( "player_spawns_soldier" );
flag_init( "sgt_reaches_trigger" );
flag_init( "soldier_reaches_trigger" );

thread heroes();

//wait for soldier to reach his trigger after spawn
flag_wait( "soldier_reaches_trigger" );

heroes() {

flag_wait( "player_spawns_solider" );

//we have to wait a small instance so game recognizes ai existance
wait 0.15;

level.chernov = getent( "pvt. Chernov", "targetname" );
level.chernov.animname = "intro_cher";

flag_wait( "soldier_reaches_trigger" );

//wait a bit for seargant to be alive in game
wait 0.15;

level.Reznov = getent( "sgt. Reznov", "targetname" );
level.Reznov.animname = "intro_rez";


//////////// and this code insort to my map _anim.gsc :

#include maps\_anim;
#include maps\_utility;
#include common_scripts\utility;

main() {


////////////////////////////////////////////// this code /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

//lets wait for sargeant to reach his trigger
flag_wait( "sgt_reaches_trigger" );

//wait for a bit so it looks like they regroup
wait 0.75;

level.scr_anim["Reznov"]["intro_rez"] = %ch_seelow1_reznov_runandcaugh;
addNotetrack_dialogue( "reznov", "Ber3_INT_000A_REZN", "intro_rez_01", "Ber3_INT_000A_REZN" );
level.scr_anim["chernov"]["intro_cher"] = %ch_seelow1_intro_chernov;
addNotetrack_dialogue( "chernov", "Ber3_IGD_028A_CHER_A", "intro_chern_01", "Ber3_IGD_028A_CHER_A" );

wait 0.15; //pause2



level.scr_sound["Reznov"]["intro_rez_01"] = "See1_INT_011A_REZN01";
level.scr_sound["Reznov"]["intro_rez_02"] = "See1_INT_013A_REZN02";

wait 0.2; //pause

level.scr_sound["chernov"]["intro_chern_01"] = "Ber3_IGD_028A_CHER_A";

wait 0.2; //pause

level.scr_sound["Reznov"]["intro_rez_03"] = "See1_IGD_148A_REZN03";
level.scr_sound["Reznov"]["intro_rez_04"] = "See1_IGD_149A_REZN04";
level.scr_sound["Reznov"]["intro_rez_05"] = "See1_IGD_300A_REZN05";
level.scr_sound["Reznov"]["intro_rez_06"] = "See1_IGD_058A_REZN06";



but still this code don't working. [sad]:((
CoDWaW doesn't show any errors when loading this map .

the map starting complite and i walking in the map and Chernov and Reznov spawning - ok,
but they don't talking both ((

Help, what could be the problem, at least understanding of the causes.
code like as a "self playsound (....);" - no interest because then actor speech without animation lips

Anybody help me, very much

edited on Jan. 4, 2017 07:54 am by a_sgn

edited on Jan. 4, 2017 08:08 am by a_sgn

edited on Jan. 4, 2017 08:14 am by a_sgn

edited on Jan. 5, 2017 10:37 pm by a_sgn
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General Member
Since: Apr 8, 2016
Posts: 16
Last: Nov 26, 2018
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Level 1
Category: CoDWW Scripting
Posted: Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018 07:03 am
Same problem, but in COD4.
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General Member
Since: Apr 26, 2020
Posts: 1
Last: Apr 26, 2020
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Level 0
Category: CoDWW Scripting
Posted: Sunday, Apr. 26, 2020 10:03 pm
Anyone found a solution to this, I also need help on this
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