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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping



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Forum: All Forums : Call of Duty 2
Category: CoD2 SP Mapping
Call of Duty 2 single player mapping, scripting and everything single player.
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Author Topic: Color group tutorial
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Category: CoD2 SP Mapping
Posted: Monday, Feb. 6, 2012 09:56 pm
I don't know if this is brought up but I have found the colour group in COD2. There is actually a colour group. I haven't seen a tutorial for it but I thought I might as well make it. The first time I realized this was when I was looking into the key radiant file, like COD4 where you can see the list of keys and values. I spotted the colour key/value and I thought I should look into it. Also because the friendly chain was not sufficient enough to have more than one chain or specific AI go to specific node. It was all random with the friendly chain. I know it's the same as the colour group but at least you can specify where the AI or a group of them go. I haven't found another way yet to get AI to go to a specific node but the colour group is good enough for now. I wanted to do this because I wanted to make a map where fixing and flanking is a priority, like Brothers in Arms, adding a layer of tactics to the map. So I wanted some AI to suppress and keep the enemy pinned where another group of AI is to flank the enemy. It's not something you see much in COD.

Keep in mind there is no _colors.gsc like COD4. It's in the _spawner.gsc.

This process in very simple much like COD4 but it requires you to put in the values yourself instead of pressing shift + G and minor key/value differences.

For the AI

key: script_forcecolor
value: blue

There are 7 colours available much like COD4. Be sure to write out the entire colour name or else there will be an error.

Here is the list of colours. Red, blue, yellow, cyan, green, purple, orange.

Now you need a trigger. The trigger and node must have the same colour.

key: script_color
value: blue

That's it. Just add your nodes and you are done. It's very simple, very, very similar to COD4, you just have to key in the variables yourself (I am sure you do that in COD4 already. [wink]) and it's not script_color_allies, just script_color.
You can use various other colours as well. As long as your AI has the same colour, that colour group is worth having that colour or else there is no need for that colour. You can have as many colours as you want but it's limited to 7. It's the same as COD4 when you have more than one colour group.

For your next set of nodes, be sure to name the nodes differently. Name the trigger and nodes differently.

key: script_color
value: blue2

To keep it simple, leave the same colour but add in 2 or 3 or whatever number that represent your next nodes. It's the same as COD4 where radiant will give you a number, like b2, b3, etc. Works the same way.

Be sure to look into _spawner.gsc. It's all there. To start off, look up initScriptColors(nodes) or line 5045 in the file.

I know that this may be outdated but there are people, like me, that was feeling nostalgic and want to go back to the older COD where it was more fun. I did a few test maps already, though I wish I still have my old COD2 maps. I am still mapping for my COD4 project but I want some time off to play some older games and do something else. As I did, I got into mapping. I even started to map for COD1 the second time. It was great.

So, I hope that this tutorial would be of help to other people that are still investing their time in COD2 and wanted something easier and working for their AI nodes, especially for more than one AI moving to specific nodes. If I have the time, I will post it in the COD2 tutorial section. Or an admin can do it. [wink]

As for COD1 for the specific AI to specific node issue, well, I haven't figure it out yet. There is no colour group in COD1.

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