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Forum: All Forums : Call of Duty: World at War
Category: CoDWW Map + Mod Releases
Release announcements of custom maps and mods and other content related to Call of Duty: World at War.
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Author Topic: [RELEASE] Vietnam Mod 1.2
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Category: CoDWW Map + Mod Releases
Posted: Monday, Oct. 11, 2010 04:23 am

RGN Vietnam Mod Version 1.2
Public Release

Copyright RGN, Raiders Game Net 2009-2010

After a few months of patching/testing/addition thanks to YOUR feedback and to great modders in the community RGN is pleased to release RGN Vietnam Mod Patch 1.2!


  1. 14 Maps
  2. 38 Weapons
  3. More than 300 Dvars (Server options)
  4. All new Player Models
  5. Custom Menus
  6. Custom Sounds/FXs
  7. New Ranks

Changelog from 1.1:

[F] : Fixes
[A] : Additions
[C] : Changes

[A] Added AK47 Scoped + M16 Scoped for Assault
[A] Added Military Crossbow for Special Ops
[A] Added FN-FAL for Rifleman
[A] Added SPAS12 and Remington 870 for Engineer
[A] Added Skorpion for NVA SpecOps
[A] Added Spotting function (when using Binoculars)
[A] Added Dynamic foliage support for maps
[A] Added Vehicle support for maps (T34/M8/T55)
[F] Fixed some animation issues
[F] Fixed a problem with Melee in WDM
[F] Fixed a problem with 3D Icons not showing correctly on some gametypes
[F] Fixed animation for M72
[F] Fixed Sounds for Booby-Traps / Claymore
[C] Renamed bazooka to M72
[C] Replaced all player models on both Teams
[C] Replaced all hats/helmet models
[C] Replaced Thumper M79 Model
[C] New skins for some weapon, items
[C] Replaced some 2D icons on Menus/HUD

Map changes log

[A] Added Firstblood Night Map By Coldair
[A] Added Vietnam Airfield Map by ZeRoY
[A] Added River Map by Freddy & Jeason

mp_vm_vietcong: Vehicles added, clipping redone, dynamic foliage added, some stuff removed/changed to accomodate vehicles
mp_vm_stream : Vehicles added, clipping redone, dynamic foliage added, some stuff removed/changed to accomodate vehicles
mp_vm_firstblood: dynamic foliage added, other minor changes

Installation notes

This is a patch so it requires the mod to be at version 1.1 files for both client & server. Client just download and run the executable without removing 1.0/1.1 installed files. Server admins get the Zip file and overwrite any existing files (most .cfg have been updated).

A Full Install will be uploaded soon for those who dont yet have the mod installed.


For Clients Files (Installer .EXE) or Server Admins Files: MODDB.com (will upload @Modsonline asap)


ZeRoY (Founder/Mapper/Scripter)
Paulo88 (Level Designer)
Wakka (Level Designer)
Mr.Ray (Level Designer)
Narcozz (Level Designer)
Carcass26 (Level Designer)
Coldair (Level Designer)
Atomicelvis (Level Designer)
|[FR]|FOX (Level Designer)
Veserius (Level Designer)
Maquina (Level Designer)
Arachnofang (Level Designer)
Freddy & Jeason – (Level Designer)
Buster (Skinner)
Oneshot & BengalSniper (Researchers)

Additional content by:

Xiao (Skinner)
Mapicted (Modelling)
Robbo (scripting help)
Lonewolf - 509th (scripting help)
Number7 (scripting help)
NovemberDobby (scripting help)
xHolyx (scripting help)
CodemanX (scripting help)
Deavius (scripting help)
Marc - AKA Wildcard (scripting help)
{PST} Joker (scripting help)
OMWG (scripting help)
OpenWarfare Team (scripting)
RGN Dev Team (Past and current members)
Bell, Ravir, Worm, Nedgerblansky (legacy scripting)
Michel S. Boonstra (Knokploeg Sound Mod)
Regolith (For his awesome Xmodel Exporter tool!)

Thanks to:

Mike_Nomad, Wizz, Mr.Ray for the support and advice
SevenSniff, Spacepig, Redskull, Busterking (support)
GamingDeluxe.co.uk (Beta testing/Server)
RGN VIP Members (testing, support)
Cornrow Wallace for his help and support
Blackmonkeys (support, testing)
B2Z Goucho + NFO CrazyCro + [DED] Tooth and their Clan members, 509th, Metal and ={dBb}= Clan, themadcappr and his Clan, Stufz, Jackson, DragonFly, Soldat Ryan & EU Clan for Beta testing.
Treyarch/InfinityWard for the superb maps/assets used in this Modification

edited on Oct. 12, 2010 07:49 am by zeroy
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Since: Apr 10, 2004
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Im a fan of MODSonair
Category: CoDWW Map + Mod Releases
Posted: Monday, Oct. 11, 2010 05:45 am
Great job guys, love the work you put into this. Would love to get involved if you do anything in BO.
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