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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download maps and other things from the downloads section?
In order to download files from our downloads server, you must be a registered member. If you are a registered member, then make sure that you have logged in.

Still having trouble? Here are some other possible causes of not being able to download files from MODSonline:
  • Your browser does not allow cookies to be saved or your cookies are corrupt. Take a look at this FAQ.
  • Your browser is blocking pop-ups. Take a look at this FAQ.
When I click the download link, the page reloads and nothing happens.
This will happen if you have a popup blocker installed in your browser. Our downloads run from a separate server so we must initiate them from a separate page. We do this by launching a popup window.

You must allow our website to launch popup windows in order to initiate any downloads.

If you have WinXP SP2 (service pack 2) installed:
  • go to the Tools menu, Internet Options, Security tab, Internet Zone, Custom level
  • find the downloads section
  • look for "Automatic prompting for file downloads"
  • change its value to "enabled"
This will stop the Information Bar from blocking automatic downloads.
My zip file is not working. Why won't it open?
If you are using a rar extraction program such as winrar, it may sometimes report an error when opening some zip files. One such error is "The system cannot find the file specified".

This can be solved by using a zip extraction program instead such as winzip. This can be downloaded for free from winzip.com.

If the error is "file is corrupt", then this may be caused if the downloaded file has not completed. Make sure that you have allowed the file to complete and that your antivirus program has completed it's scan before attempting to open it. If the file still won't open, it may be necessary to download the file again.

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