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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
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Frequently Asked Questions


Fastfile 1 of 1, "mapname": [ver. 5] process...
WARNING: Could not find 'maps/mapname.csv'.

Go to "Update Zone File"
Enter "rawfile,maps/mp/mapname.csv"
Make sure your .csv is in the correct folder
Build you Fast File.
You made a change to your map and now everything is red and messed up.
Update your Zone files. Make sure everything in the left column of your Zone Files window is also in the right column. Then recompile your FF file.
My first multiplayer map won't load when I try to run it from the applications menu.
Make sure there are no single player entities in the map, that you have named the map starting with 'mp_' and that you have add all 3 TDM spawn points (axis, allies and the other).
My map looks good but my weapon and other models has a rainbow effect on it.
You need to create a grid file. In the Compile tools on the Level Compiling window, the bottom right has the option to Start Grid. Perform this option and completely run through your level. Let the level complete on it's own and do not close it before it completes.

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