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Brutality Reality Server Side Realism Mod v 1.beta for CoD's MP
Downloaded 155 times
This is Brutality Reality server side Realism mod v 1.beta for CoD's Multiplayer!
This mod adds to Cod's mp a lot of realism and new gamplay.
IMO with this mod CoD isn't a stupid brainless super fast a'la QUAKE game.

-Changed damage for every weapons, now they are realy deadly, but still very balanced!
-Changed sniper rifle has now a 20 ammo, and now is a lot harder to use. You can't shot without zooming!
-changed speed movement. Now soldiers aren't so fast!
-changed body hit points. Now hit in head, neck, upper torso always will kill player. You must try shoot your enemy in this regions of body, because when you shot sombody in hand/foot you can't kill him. EX when you shot sombody with Nosin in head you take him about 3,5x220>700hp:), but if you hit himm in hand/foot you took him 0.2x220=44hp:)
-changed damage of granades, now they are realy usefull! But you have only TWO, so I hope you think before use them.
-a bit less ammo for weapons(they have only 6 clips)

All this is for the maximum realism and maximum GAMEPLAY!

this is verion 1.0 beta
I'm waitinig for your comments, suggestions etc or you found a bug( I've tested this mod milion times), hit to my mail: jiggle3d@yahoo.com

How to Install:
Put the *.pk3 file to your server's main folder.


Sorry for my english;P

Your Jiggle, a ka [FrL] koxbox:)

by [FrL] koxbox (email)


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