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New BF2 Mod
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Demolition v0.93
Downloaded 98 times
Demolition v0.93

written by Clifton Cline, a.k.a. [FLARE]_Ravir

Includes the Clan iO "forceSpectator" thread to allow the server to restrict
spectators to teammates via the "g_iokillcam" and "g_ioteamspec" variables.
This will be removed when the CoD patch is released, as that option will
be implemented as part of the game.

NOTE: Requires Ravir's Little Admin Tools (included in distribution ZIP)


The attackers must take explosive packs from their spawn point to
marked objectives. The explosives must be planted and defended until
they explode, destroying the objective. Similar to Search and Destroy.

Why it's different:

Instead of all attackers being able to plant bombs, there are three actual
packs located near the attacker's spawn point. These must be picked up by
players and carried. If the player dies, they drop the pack. If a defending
player locates a dropped pack, or sneaks around to the attacker's spawn point
and finds packs that have not been picked up, they can be defused on the spot,
rendering them useless.

The server can require the attackers to destroy one or both of the
objectives. If the defenders defuse too many of the packs for the attackers
to complete this requirement, the defenders win.

The round does NOT end if a bomb has been planted before time runs out, or
if a bomb has been planted, but all of the attackers are killed. The round
continues until the bomb has been defused, or has exploded.

Players get bonus points for completing objectives. By default, planting a
bomb scores 1 point. If the bomb is protected until it explodes, the player
that planted the bomb scores 2 more points. Players get a full 3 points for
defusing a bomb, whether it's on the ground, at it's spawn point, or on an

Players also get bonus points for defending the bomb and/or bomb carrier.

Text notification of bomb plants and defused, noting the player's name.

Set "g_iokillcam" to 0 to disable killcam, or "g_ioteamspec" to 1 to restrict
spectators to only viewing their teammates.

Players can respawn in waves, or individually.

Optional automatic team balance.

Server can make 1 or all players switch teams.


Works on the following standard Call of Duty maps:

Other maps can be made to support Demolition. First, the map must support
Search and Destroy, and all of the entities required therein. Next, the
following variables must be set in the levels script, for Demolition to
access in gameplay:

scr_dem_expack1origin Example: setcvar("scr_dem_expack1origin", (3000, -2000, 50)); // coordinates of the bomb's spawnpoint
scr_dem_expack1angles Example: setcvar("scr_dem_expack1angles", (0, 90, 5)); // rotation angles of the bomb model



scr_dem_bombzonea_maxdist //radius of area in which the bomb can be planted on bombzone_a
scr_dem_bombzonea_name //name of this zone, default is Target A


scr_dem_requiredtargets //number of objectives which must be destroyed (1 or 2, default 2), can be changed during gameplay

scr_dem_plantbonus //bonus points for planting a bomb, default 1
scr_dem_bombbonus //bonus for bomb exploding, default 2
scr_dem_defusebonus //bonus for defusing, default 3
scr_dem_assistbonus //bonus for defending the bomb/carrier, default 1

scr_dem_planttime // seconds to plant a bomb, default 5
scr_dem_defusetime // seconds to defuse a bomb, default 10
scr_dem_countdown // seconds for a bomb to explode, default 60

scr_dem_respawn // mode for respawn"
"none" (no respawning)
"wave" (all dead players respawn together every x seconds)
"player" (each player spawn x seconds after dying)
scr_dem_respawndelay // respawn delay in seconds

scr_teambalance // autobalance teams, 1 for yes, 0 for no

scr_dem_showcarrieranim // show the pickup animation for bomb carriers, 1 for yes, 0 for no, default 1


v0.90 - [First Public Release]

v0.91 - [Bug fix, added features]
Allowed explosion on both objectives simultaneously
Added bonus points for objectives
Text notifications of objectives, including announcement at startup

v0.92 - [Feature creep]
Added optional respawning methods: waves, delayed
Added optional auto-team balance on connect
Added optional bonus points for defending the bombs and/or bomb carrier
Added Ravir's Little Admin Tools to allow server-forced team swtiching

v0.93 - [bug fix, feature creep]
Fixed some "assist" scoring issues
Added the bomb pickup animation, with option to turn it off.

by [FLARE]_Ravir () (website)


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