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New BF2 Mod
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Death's Head Mod
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This mod is a combo action deal that combines Saint_Anger's Tracers (ZZZCODRAINBOWTRACERSZZZ) mod, Cleaner's Red Dot crosshair (mpsh_redot_xhair_cod) mod, & myself Devourer creater of the (Deadly weapons skill mod For MOH- AA & SH) Making the weapons deadly & very Balanced for multi-player CoD. This is a Server & Client side mod. Server admins. Please list this mods use in your servers title so players know its being used. Suggested name use in title would be (Deaths Head Mod, or DHM) This mod also works in Single Player mode.

unzip and place the pk3 in your MAIN folder of your CoD directory. The default location should be C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\Main
To un-install Simply delete the file from the install location.

Again! THIS IS A CLIENT & SERVER SIDE MOD That means the server has to be running the mod & the players have to have the mod to see the tracers & the crosshair. You can use this mod on unpure servers for the crosshair & tracers only. The weapons strength will be controled by whatever the servers settings are.

TDM server =

S&D server =


cleaner = The Crosshair
The Firefight Arena

Saint_Anger = the Tracers
Email/msn jw004f9692@blueyonder.co.uk

Devourer = The Weapons boost
Email/yahoo/msn/AOL wildsweetcooool@yahoo.com

In the future. If enough people express interest in this mod for the MP weapons to be bumped up to the lethel level of the SP mode that might happen.

by cleaner () (website)


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