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MP Citi Cemetery
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IMPORTANT MAP NOTES FOR CITI CEMETERY: DeekCiti Environments ReadMe (Beta Version Readme) ( Beta Citi CEMETERY ) ( 3.30.2011 ) ===== FINAL MAP UPDATES NULL ===== ===== KNOWN BUGS: NONE ===== ===== MAP FEATURES: - Many Custom Dvars (See .cfg file for Dvar explainations) - Contains map Config File for Servers. - Bombers (Dvar Controlled) (Player triggered) - Mortars (Dvar Controlled) (Player triggered) - Supports All Default Gametypes + CTF, CTFB, HTF - Player Controlled Objects (Doors, Church Bell, Mortars, Bomber) - Drowning in water. - Dvar to control if players Fart, Sneeze and Cough. - Dvar to control the ExpFog. - Tunnel system. - Electric Fence. - Breaking windows. - Custom sounds and textures. ===== ===== MAP NOTES: - Tested on Extreme4 and Awe4. - Map May NOT be compatible with Linux Servers, it is over 50mb. Currently [61.4mb] - Supported Gametypes: ( DM, WAR, DOM, SAB, SD, KOTH, CTF, CTFB, HTF ) - Supports Helicopter/Airstrikes ===== ===== MAP DVARS: set scr_cemetery_vulgar "1" (0-1) (0=Off No Vulgar Sounds, 1=On Vulgar Sounds) (Default=1) set scr_cemetery_fog "1" (0-2) (0=Off No Fog, 1=Light Blue Haze, 2=Dark Fog Haze) (Default=1) set scr_cemetery_drown "1" (0-1) (0=Off, 1=On) (Default=1) set scr_cemetery_mortars "1" (0-1) (0=Off 1=On) (Default=1) set scr_cemetery_mortar_wait "2" (In Seconds[WHOLE NUMBERS] 1-10 seconds) (Default=2) (Mortar Reload Time) set scr_cemetery_mortarpoints "1" (0=Off, 1=On) (Default=1) (Players Get Points for Killing The Enemy With Mortars) set scr_cemetery_mortar_trail "1" (0=Off, 1=On) (Default=1) (Mortar Leaves A Smoke Trail In The Air, For Tracking Source) set scr_cemetery_bomber "1" (0-1) (0=Off 1=On) (Default=1) set scr_cemetery_bomber_wait "180.5" (In Decimal Seconds 60-600 seconds) (Default=180.5) (Bomber Reload Time) set scr_cemetery_bomberpoints "1" (0=Off, 1=On) (Default=1) (Players Get Points for Killing The Enemy With Bomber) (See .cfg file for Dvar explainations) ===== ===== MAP OVERVIEW: This map takes place in a Cemetery. It has about 8 plots of tombstones. There is a large church with access to the underground crypts. There is a main office with a church bell that players can ring to atract other players, which also has crypt access. Other buildings include, crypt entrances,shacks and a Crematorium. A small pond. Electric Fences and wooden fences. Thick fog and tombstones cover most of the map. There is plenty to explore. Fall down the well, you may not die but you may find an easter egg. The map includes three mortar positions. Players can trigger the mortar emplacements to kill other players around the map. Check the Minimap Legend for specifics on mortar zones. The map comes with a config. file for all teh map Dvars. Thanks for your support. Please report all bugs in the comment section. =====

by Deekciti


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