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Mapper's Delight
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Mapper's Delight (v1.0.0) This Utility was created to assist Mappers and Modders in the sucessful backup of their important Gaming files. NOTE: The Users Settings will be Saved Locally in users "local settings". NOTE: This utility was built for COD4, but may work for other Games depending on the use. KNOWN BUGS: The Screen placement for the image preview is not perfect and only has been tested on 1280x1024. This Utility allows Users to backup files such as: .map .gsc .csv .iwi .vision .sun .str For every Path the User sets, a Blue "Go" Quick Link to that Path is Created for easy Path Folder Browsing. This Utility also allows Users to Select up to 4 Custom Folders. The Custom Folder Backup Options will Copy a Source Folder and all of its Subfolders to a Location of your choice. The User has the Option to Stamp a Parent Folder with that Days "Date" and "Time". Example: players/profiles/2010_04_11 - 01.48.36/ToughGuy The User also has the Option to Give this Backup, a Generic Name. This name can be applied in the Textbox next to the Checkbox for that Custom Folder. This helps the User remember what Folders he/she is backing up. The Utility also has a built in Xmodel/Prefab Viewer which comes in extra handy! Developers: Decon & Sibby - Decon - Design, Layout, Coding - Sibby - Coding, Design 2010 KloverCiti Productions

by KloverCiti Productions


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Image Preview (COD5)
How can it be fixed for COD5? I would like to get the Image preview working for COD5. What file extension does the game use for its model image pictures? The tool is set up to only read .jpg right now, but Id like to fix it.
Posted by DeekCiti on Thu. Jul. 15, 2010
Mappers Delight indeed
superb work guy's , great tool you made there :)

very well made , great user interface , nice installer (installed to a independant directory , which i liked , superb job !

tested with W@W also , seems to work fine accept the model viewer , no problem there though as the the quick search option can be setup to wahever path version you have

great work , cheers
Posted by BlackJack_Jonny on Thu. Jul. 15, 2010

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